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Rhoda Goldberg

 Rhoda Goldberg
Library Director

With the support of Harris County Commissioners Court and a dedicated staff, the Harris County Public Library is meeting its mission to provide information and resources that enrich lives and strengthen communities through innovative service within and beyond its walls. The public library is a vital and dynamic resource to help residents meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Today, more than ever before, lifelong learning is essential. The challenging times in which we live, make it necessary for everyone to acquire more knowledge and information to survive and thrive. Harris County Public Library is there to help by providing both traditional and innovative library services and materials, which can be used by visiting any of our 26 branch libraries in person or by going online from any computer to the Library’s eBranch, which is open 24/7, 365 days each year. In addition to materials, the library offers adult programming on topics ranging from helping finance college educations, crafts, computer skills and more. You can join a book club to talk about the latest titles at many of the Library’s branches or attend a computer class.

Whether one enjoys browsing the library shelves for the latest in adult fiction or nonfiction or getting a DVD or CD to use at home, the Library has something for every taste. If downloading eBook or eAudio content to your own personal device, laptop , desktop or tablet is more to your liking; Harris County Public Library offers a variety of titles from which to choose without even leaving your home! All you need is your Harris County Public Library card!

Introducing children to books and providing quality programming is a large part of what Harris County Public Library does. Parents and caregivers, recognizing HCPL’s invaluable role in helping improve the early literacy skills of our youngest customers, visit the library and take advantage of the materials and services for children that are provided. HCPL offers three summer reading programs are for children, teens and adults. The library is the place to be for school children of every age after school. On any given day after 3:00 PM, every computer is in use ,desktops, laptops and iPads, as is every study table. HCPL is proud to be a partner in the education of our children.

As technology changes, the Library is also changing to use that technology in the improved delivery of traditional services and to offer new services to its customers. Email notification about items on hold or due dates coming up, self-check machines and online research databases are just a few of the traditional services that have been enhanced by new technologies. Despite all the new and innovative services that the Harris County Public Library offers, one tradition has not changed, and that is the commitment by the entire staff to offer excellent customer service.

Whether you check out books or ebooks, attend storytimes or book discussion groups, take computer classes or access the Internet, get reading suggestions or homework help – thank you to all of our library customers!

Rhoda Goldberg - Signature

Rhoda L. Goldberg
Library Director