Meet Our Friends 2011-2012

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Freeman friendsHCPL is very fortunate to work with the incredibly enthusiastic people who make up each branch’s Friends of the Library group and the system-wide Harris County Friends of the Library. These groups support our libraries' role in building communities by organizing book sales and other fundraising projects that provide our libraries with the resources to present special programming, and to purchase equipment and supplemental materials.

NW FriendOur Friends Group members cite many different reasons for giving of their time and efforts in support of HCPL’s mission. They range from the sense of shared commitment, to enthusiasm for the services and programming we offer, to the camaraderie and friendship of like-minded people they find in the groups. All we know is that along with their practical support, our friends groups are a continual source of encouragement and pride that is invaluable to HCPL.

Barbara Bush FriendMaud Marks Friends book saleEvelyn Meador Friend