Passport Services

IMPORTANT: As of January 1, 2019, the Harris County Clerk's Office will no longer provide Passport Services at Harris County Public Library locations

For complete passport application information please visit the Harris County Clerk's Office Passport Information page





Freeman Library Passport Services?

Can you please tell me what services will be available in the Freeman Library in CL in May and June 2019? If times are available, is it walk-in or by appointment? Are photo-taking services available in the library or do I need to arrive with a photo? I appreciate the help. I am taking kids out of school for this service, so I need to really understand the process and available times. Thank you!

Hello, I am sorry to say that


I am sorry to say that HCPL does not offer passport services at any of our branches at this time. The County Clerk's Office had been providing those services at some HCPL branches, but no longer does. U.S. Post offices offer passport services. Here is a link to more information about USPS passport services:

Here is a list of other Houston-area passport service sites:

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Passport has old name and is old

I believe i had my passport issued when i was around 16? And through troubling events i let it expire, but not only that i have gotten married since then. What forms would i need for an expired passport and a name change?

New passport with name change

My passport is still valid until December 2019 but I got married and need to update it with my new last name. I have my marriage license showing my legal name change. What forms do I need to fill out and bring with me? Is this considered a new passport application, or a renewal? Thanks!

The form depends upon when

The form depends upon when your current valid passport was issued. Here is a link to the Change or Correct a Passport page. You will find links to the form you need there.

If your passport is older than one year, it is considered a renewal and renewal fees witll apply.


Good luck!!

Walk-ins only?

Called 832-927-5690 for an appointment and were told they do not take appointments. Walk-ins only.

Appointments for Passport Services

I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. I checked with the County Clerks' Office and was told that appointments are still accepted at all the HCPL libraries that offer passport services. I was told "walk-in only" applies only at the time when the County Clerk staff is actually on the premises of the library, or due out the next day and are booked.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Pass Port Card and Book

I would like to know if the card acts the same as the passport? (Passport Book and Card)just wondering what the whole cost would be for an adult. I would like the Pass Port but have no travel plans at this time. Can I still apply?

Passport Card vs. Book

The most important difference between U.S. passport books and passport cards is that passport cards are not valid for international air travel; they're only acceptable for land and sea border crossings between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

Yes, you can apply for a passport even if you do not have travel plans. 

Fees for passports vary. Here is a link to a passport fee calculator.

We hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Passport renewal for family member (cousin)

Passport services were suspended in Puerto Rico after the island was hit by Hurricane Maria on 09/20/2017. My cousin lives in Puerto Rico. Her passport expires on 11/27/2017 and she has a cruise scheduled for 12/30/2017. She is not a first time applicant (this is a renewal) and her most recent passport is not lost, has not been stolen nor was it issued more than 15 years ago. Can I bring in the required documentation for my cousin? What is the earliest that she can receive her new passport?

Passport Renewal

HCPL offers passport services at select locations through the Harris County District Clerk's office.  They have the expertise to answer your question, since it is a bit more complicated.  Please contact them at (832) 927-5690 or through the link above.

Will this service be there in September?

My son's passport is expiring in September and we are currently on vacation. Will the Freeman library have this service in September? Thank you

Freeman Passport Services in September

We will be updating the schedule above soon, but yes, Freeman will host passport services in September. They should be on September 12 - 14, but please recheck the schedule before you head over. Thanks and safe travels!

Re: Passport photo

My son's passport was issued in 2015 and expires in 2025 and he is wearing prescription glasses in his passport photo, does he need to renew his passport although his passport is still current and can he travel with this passport?

Re: Re: Passport photo

Your son does not need to renew a valid passport if he now wears glasses and did not when the passport was issued. In fact, beginning last November, everyone is required to remove glasses for passport photos.


Parent appearance

Hi I need to renew the passport for my kid (minor). Do both parents have to appear for renewal? Or can I delegate and just bring in the form with the old passport?

Re: Parent Appearance

The U.S. State Department website says: "Both parents/guardians must authorize the issuance of the child's passport. The best way to do this is for both parents/guardians to go with the child in person to apply for the passport."

If one parent is unable to appear, that parent can complete Form DS-3053 "Statement of Consent"

There are many other considerations for renewing a passport for a child under 16. We suggest you visit the State Dept. passports for children under 16 page.




Which form should I use if I want to help my kid (under 10) to renew the passport? And which form is for adult? Please include the web links. Thank you!

Re: Forms

When renewing a child's passport, you must use the Form  DS-11 (which is the same form you filled out for the previous passport

If the adult is eligible to renew, s/he will use a Form DS-82. Here is a link to other forms you may need.


Should I get the passport expedited if my trip is the 13th of June?

Re: Expedited

Here is what the County Clerk's website says about time frames: "Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your passport. Expedited passports will be sent to you within 3 weeks from the date received by National Passports."

The extra fee for expedited service will be a consideration. It looks like it adds about $60 to routine service fees. That being said, we are now nearing the end of April. With a June 13th departure date, you would be cutting it very close. If I was in your position, I would pay the extra fees for expedited service, but that decision is yours to make. 


Can I pay with a credit card? And can I apply at the library if I need the passport expidited?

Re: Payment

Yes, you can apply for an expedited passport at any of the HCPL branch locations that offers passport services (see above).

Here is what the County Clerk's website says about payment methods: "The passport fee must be paid in a money order/cashier’s check or personal check because it is sent with the application to National Passports for processing/issuance and must be made payable to the U.S. Department of State." 

passport renewal

What is needed for a passport renewal? Can it be done at the library?

Yes, you can renew at the library.

Here is a link to the renewal form you can fill out and bring with you to the library. It lists all of the requirements.

You can also renew your passport by mail if you meet the requirements. Here is a link to the Renew by Mail page.


Passport Renewal

Can I do a passport renewal at the Katherine Tyra branch?


Please see above for dates and times.

New Passports

What do I need to bring with me? And does the applicant have to be present (can I bring in the paperwork and pictures for my husband while he is at work and my children are at school?

Hello, If your husband is a


If your husband is a first time applicant, or if his most recent passport is lost or stolen or was issued more than 15 years ago, he must submit a Form DS-11 and apply in person, otherwise, you can apply for a renewal for him.

Here is a link to Harris County Clerk Office with detailed information about applying for a passport

To answer your question briefly, you need to bring:

  • Completed DS-11 Form (HERE is a DS-11 form you can fill out online and print at home, and bring with you)
  •         Must be legible and fully completed in black ink to avoid delays
  •         Do not sign the Form. This must be done after we have administered the prescribed oath during while submitting
  • Proof of US citizenship
  • Proof of identity
  • passport photos (taken within last 6 months)
  • Payment for fees (fees vary. See the information link above)

Thank you for your question. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Can photos be taken at the library or will I need to bring them? If I need to bring them where is the best place to have them taken? Thanks for the info!

Re: Photos

Hello! You will need to bring passport photos when applying at one of the four HCPL branches offering passport service. The best place to have your photos taken depends on what area you live in. I can tell you that many chain drugstores offer the service, as do some FedEx locations. I would recommend doing a Google search for passport photos and include your zip code in the search box.

I hope this answers your question. If I can do anything else, please let me know.

Passport Applications

Hi - I took my son to the Barbara Bush Library today for his passport application. It was quick, painless and done with a smile! We were walk-in and only had to wait 5 minutes. I really hope you'll continue this service. It is so much more pleasant than going to a post-office. Thank you!

Wonderful! We are grateful to

Wonderful! We are grateful to the Harris County Clerk's Office for offering this service at our branches. The feedback we have received has been universally positive.

Thank you for letting us know of your experience!

Name change

Hi, Is it mandatory to change the last name on passport after marriage? I was married in 2007 and have my passport in my maiden name. Now that it is up for renewal, I am not sure if it is mandatory to change my last name to my married name? My husband already purchased a travel package for us and put the airline tickets in my maiden name. Will it be ok to process the renewal of my passport without changing my last name? My last name has been updated with the Social security administration and DL.

Wife's Last Name Change

Hello my wife is needing to change her last name on her passport. Can this happen here? She does have her old passport. Thanks, Kevin

Name Change

Without more information, I cannot answer your question, but here is a link that will walk you through the procedures for name changes on passports. With the correct forms and documentation, you will be able to do it at the branch, or by mail if you prefer.


Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know David. Do you have further information on the cost/fees?

Fees differ depending on age

Fees differ depending on age of applicant, whether you want a passport book or card, etc. Here is a link to the fees table for name changes. It looks like $135 for an adult passport book ($110 application + $25 execution). 

Here is a link to the

Here is a link to the District Clerk's office passport page. You should find all the information there. The short answer is that there is a range of costs depending on age, regular or expedited service and type of passport needed. For example, an adult passport book via routine service costs $110.

Thanks for the question and happy travels!