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Hello There! We’re Laura and Anjela. When we are not working at HCPL, we’re geeking out over all things Star Wars. To celebrate May the Fourth, we met via Teams to discuss the best way to get readers interested in Star Wars books. Before we get to the books, we decided to answer a speed round of Star Wars questions. Feel free to comment below to share your answers.  

First movie you saw in theaters?  

Laura: I grew up with the original trilogy. I wasn’t old enough to see the first two in theatres, but I do have vague memories of seeing Return Of The Jedi even though I was only 7 the year it was released. I know people hate on the Ewoks, but I loved them and thought their village was so cool. I can’t really remember a time when the original trilogy wasn’t a part of my life. I admit to being one of those people who was not a fan of the prequels at first, but I eventually got over that and really enjoy them now!  

Anjela: I was born after the original trilogy, so the first Star Wars film I saw in theaters was The Phantom Menace. My dad grew up a fan of Star Wars, so we went opening weekend. The movie inspired my sisters and I to have lightsaber battles and do our make up like Queen Amidala. Hate the prequels or love them, they were great fun for kids. 

Aside from the iconic Skywalker sabers, whose light saber is your favorite?  

Anjela: The light side has more color options, but the dark side has cooler features. It’s a tie between Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber and Kylo Ren’s crackling crossguard lightsaber. There's a new lightsaber in the High Republic novel A Test of Courage wielded by Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh that has a really cool lightsaber feature borrowed from the dark side.  

Laura: There’s an arc in season 5 of The Clone Wars where Ahsoka takes a group of younglings to find the Kyber crystals they need for building their lightsabers. Gungie, a Wookiee youngling, constructed his lightsaber out of a special wood that their instructor, Professor Huyang, said was as strong as metal. I also really like the double-bladed spinning lightsaber that the Inquisitors used. I agree with Anjela about how cool Vernestra’s lightsaber is! 

Favorite Star Wars quote? 

Laura: Even in Star Wars I can’t forget my love of a good romance, or a good scoundrel! 


Anjela:  This line from Darth Vader in Rogue One makes me laugh every time. It's the ultimate dad joke!


Favorite Star Wars gif?  

Anjela: I send this gif the most! Like Palpatine, I send this as a form of encouragement.  


Laura: This made my soul happy.


Anjela: Same. His Solo was showing.



Favorite theme (music)?   

Laura: It’s hard to decide, and maybe this is a boring choice, but I’d probably say the Main Theme because just hearing it makes me slightly giddy.  

Anjela: The Imperial March. It’s a whole mood.

Laura: The musical score from some of the films as well as some interesting “tribute” songs can be found on Freegal. Check out this playlist!

What got you reading Star Wars

Anjela: My friend Misty! She knew how much I enjoyed The Force Awakens and suggested I read Bloodline by Claudia Gray. She explained it was Leia centric and tied into the film.  

Laura: Anjela! She used her favorite gif on me! She and another friend both recommended Bloodline, so I listened to the eAudio, and that is an experience not to be missed. 

Anjela: The audiobooks are amazing! You not only get THE Jedi Master of narration, Marc Thompson, but a whole production of sound effects including the PEW PEW PEW of blasters, lightsaber duels, star ships jumping into light speed, and of course John Williams' score.

How has the pandemic affected your consumption of Star Wars stuff? 

Laura: Having Disney Plus allowed me to binge Clone Wars and Rebels, and I’ve recently finished the first season of Resistance. I’ve become addicted to learning all the “in-between” details, so I might have a few or ten subscriptions at my local comics store. So grateful they had curbside pickup in the early days when they were closed to the public. I also recently discovered the short stories in Star Wars Insider!

Anjela: Like Laura, I also finished Clone Wars and Rebels series during quarantine, but what really inspired my consumption of Star Wars was The Rise of Skywalker. It was the end of the Skywalker saga, but I still wanted more from these characters (especially Kylo Ren/Ben Solo). I was fortunate enough to get my hand on the last issue of The Rise of Kylo Ren less than a week before everything shut down. Had I not, I would have had a Kylo Ren level tantrum. #priorities 

Laura: Yes, please more Ben Solo!!! 

What are you currently reading/listening to? 

Anjela: I just finished Dark Disciple by Christie Golden and just checked out Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne.  

Laura: I’m reading Victory’s Price by Alexander Freed, the last book in the Alphabet Squadron trilogy. I’m also listening to Chaos Rising by Timothy Zahn, the first book in the Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy.  

Anjela: Showoff. 

Dark Disciple


Heir to the Jedi


Victory's Price


Chaos Rising


From all of our spirited (some might say obsessive) reading, we’ve discovered that there’s a Star Wars book for everybody. Politics, war, adventure, love and hope can all be found in these stories, whether they’re full-length novels in hardcover, audio format, comics or short stories. Stories for all ages, by diverse authors and about people from all walks of life – space life, but still life! So start your Star Wars reading adventure today, but be careful – you might find yourself rooting for somebody who serves the Empire!

Take the quiz below to find out where to begin your Star Wars journey, or jump in with a title from one of these collections for Younglings or Padawans & Jedi Knights. Either way, May the Force be with you! 



Lol, love the blog and your recommendations! I will definitely be looking for the audiobooks now.

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