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One of my favorite types of inspirational fiction is the retelling of Bible stories.  I appreciate reading opportunities of historical fiction based on my favorite Bible stories.

An excellent example of this type of historical fiction is the four part Lowlands of Scotland Series by Liz Curtis Higgs. This series is a retelling of the biblical rival siblings Jacob and Esau and Rachel and Leah in the book of Genesis.  

The first book Thorn in My Heart introduces the readers to the 2 pair of rival siblings Jamie and Evan McKie and Leana and Rose McBride.  Jamie and Evan both desire their father's approval and Leana and Rose are both in love with Jamie McKie.

The second book Fair is the Rose chronicles the consequences of a decision that the church elders make regarding the complicated love triangle of Leana and Rose and the man that they both love.

The Third book Whence Came a Prince focuses on the problems that Jamie faces when he has to confront his duplicitous father-in-law Lachlan, and his brother whom he betrayed.  Jamie's life further complicates because Leana and Rose both are carrying his child.

The Fourth Book Grace in Thine Eyes is a retelling of Jacob and Leah's daughter Dinah. The book features Jamie and Leana's daughter Davina and her brothers' revenge on the man who takes advantage of her.

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Book Cover - Thorn in My Heart


Book Cover - Fair is the Rose


Book Cover Whence Came a Prince


Book Jacket Grace in Thine Eyes



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