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Want to Grow Your Business?SCALEUP Info in Spanish

Texas State University’s SCALEUP program and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission are partnering to help local businesses grow.

The SCALEUP program is taking an evidence-based approach to understand the unique challenges that minority businesses face when growing.

To learn more about the program and opportunities, visit

Top-Quality Opportunity for Growth with SCALEUP

 This program is a partnership between the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and Texas State University's SCALEUP program aims to help libraries fuel the economy by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. This objective is part of the "Texans Need Strong Libraries" initiative.


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¿Quiere crecer su negocio?

El programa de SCALEUP de Texas State University y la Comisión de la Biblioteca y Archivos del Estado de Texas (TSLAC) están colaborando para ayudar a los negocios locales a crecer.

El programa de SCALEUP está implementando un método basado en evidencia para comprender los desafíos únicos a los que se enfrentan los negocios de poblaciones minoritarias cuando están creciendo.

Para aprender más acerca del programa y sus oportunidades, visite


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