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Tita is the third and youngest daughter of a wealthy Mexican family that live on the Mexican/Texas border during the turn of the century.  Tita's father dies of a heart attack when she is born.  Tita's mother loses her milk as a result of this trauma.  Nasha the family cook becomes Tita's surrogate mother and teaches Tita how to cook. Tita learns to express herself through her recipes.  

Cover Image - Like Water for ChocolateTita meets a young man named Pedro at a party when she is a teenager. They mutually fall in love. When Pedro asks Tita's mother Elena for permission to marry Tita, Elena callously refuses. According to the inflexible family tradition, the youngest daughter was not permitted to marry. The youngest daughter was expected to care for the parents during their older age. Elena added salt to the wounds of Pedro and Tita when she suggested that Pedro marry Tita's older sister Rosaura. Pedro and Tita obediently honored Elena's cruel mandate. 

Tita had to watch Rosaura and Pedro marry. Tita prepared the wedding cake and she expressed her emotions in her recipes as usual. Tita cried into the icing of the wedding cake. The wedding guests became sick after eating the cake and regurgitated. This incident was only the beginning of how Pedro and Tita's misery took a mind of its own in spite of their obedience to Elena's mandate. 

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by reading this dark and riveting Hispanic love story Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. We have both English and Spanish copies of this book.

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