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Would you like to learn more about this interesting culture? If you never have the opportunity to visit an Amish community, the next best opportunity is to read a story about Amish characters. The inspirational fiction series Heritage of Lancaster by Beverly Lewis contains three books: The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning. I learned many intriguing things about Amish Culture from reading this series, and my quiz is based on the knowledge I gained from this series.

Katie Lapp is a 22 -year lady who has been raised in an Amish household. She constantly struggles with the musical prohibitions of the Amish culture, and she has the habit of humming tunes. Katie dutifully accepted the marriage proposal of the local bishop and was preparing for her wedding. While she is seeking her mother’s wedding dress, she finds an infant dress made of a fabric forbidden by the Amish community.  What was this dress doing in her mother’s attic? After persistently questioning her mother, Katie learns the shocking story of this dress.  Katie also learns the reason that she may have an affinity toward music. This acquired knowledge drives Katie to break the Amish rule regarding the wearing of her prayer cap. She is eventually shunned by the Amish community because this discovery causes her to commit other actions that the Amish community disapproves of. You will want to read the entire series as you learn more and more about the mystery of Katie’s discovery. She may be compelled to leave the Amish community forever.


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First installment in the series Confession 2nd book in series Reckoning 3rd book in the series

How familiar are you with Amish Culture?  Take this quiz to test your knowledge. The answers are located below the questions.

1. Which statement is inaccurate about the Amish music prohibition? 

  1. You cannot own any type of musical instrument
  2. Popular music of the world is not allowed in any Amish community
  3. You cannot sing any song or hum any tune that is not a hymn.

2. What two things do Amish People call people who are not Amish?

  1. The English
  2. Untouchables
  3. Outsiders

3. When is an Amish lady not required to wear her prayer cap in public?

  1. An Amish lady never appears in public without a prayer cap.
  2. An Amish lady only has to wear her prayer cap to church.
  3. An Amish does not have to wear a prayer cap during the summer months.

4. What is the set of Amish rules for order and discipline?

  1. Ordnung
  2. Guten
  3. Gesundheit.

5. What fabric is forbidden in the Amish world?

  1. Cotton
  2. Satin
  3. Linen

6. What do the Amish hope to accomplish by shunning a community member for breaking the Amish code of behavior

  1. They hope that the person that they are shunning will see the error of their ways.
  2. They hope that they can drive the person that they are shunning out of the community.
  3. They want to show other community members what happens to people who break the rules.


  1. 2
  2. 1 and 3
  3. 1
  4. 1
  5. 2
  6. 1.




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