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Behind the Scenes of a Cover Shoot

I thought this was pretty cool. Harlequin has posted a behind the scenes video of a cover shoot for Linda Lael Miller's upcoming trilogy about McKettrick boys.  We have other books by Miller featuring the McKettricks.

Erich Segal, 1937-2010

Love StoryWhen I was a young adult, I loved to read Erich Segal's books.  He passed away on Sunday in London.  His most famous book was Love Story, which was made into the 1970 movie of the same name starring Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw.

2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature was annouced yesterday.  The winner is Herta Müller, a Romanian-born German writer.

The AppointmentThe Appointment

I've been summoned. Thursday, ten sharp. Thus begins one day in the life of a young clothing-factory worker during Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. She has been questioned before; this time, she believes, will be worse. Her crime? Sewing notes into the linings of mens suits bound for Italy. Marry me, the notes say, with her name and address. Anything to get out of the country.

1939 - A Magical Year in Movies

Seventy years ago was a magical year in movies.  1939 arguably saw more movies released that still resonate as classics than any other year before or since.  Who can forget classics such as Gone with the Wind, The Wizard Of Oz, Mr.

Books on the Bayou 2009 - Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching GodTheir Eyes Were Watching GodThe 2009 Books on the Bayou Selection is Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Books on the Bayou runs from October 1 throuch October 31.

The Power of the Narrator

I was looking at a blog post from Overdrive – our vendor for the Digital Media Catalog – the other day on audio book narrators. That got me to thinking about how important the narrator can be to an audio book. A great narrator can make a less than stellar book better while a terrible narrator can make a well written book terrible.

One source for suggestions is our Better in Audio list. These are titles that are improved by listening. Several of my favorites are children’s/YA titles:

IMDB's Top Rated Films of the New Millenium

IMDB, the popular movie site, has a new list of the 15 Top [User] Rated Films of the New Millennium. On the site, users can rate movies on a scale of 1-10. The following are the top five films:

What is a Card Catalog? Kids Today Don't Know

In their recent article, “100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About ,”  Wired magazine has a list of technologies that adults grew up with that today’s kids may never experience. The list includes everything from audio-visual entertainment (VHS tapes and 8 tracks) to computers, gadgets, and everything else. The list includes several things library related. Do you remember these?  I've made a couple of my own comments in brackets below.

Books for the Beach

Are you planning a trip to the beach and looking for something to read?  Take some inspiration from NPR.  NPR asked their book-loving listeners to pick their best beach reads in a Best Beach Books Ever poll.  The top pick, not surprisingly, is the Harry Potter series.  The top five books are:

Welcome to Our Redesign Preview

Welcome to a preview of our redesign.  As you can probably tell, we've made some changes, but hopefully they are not too drastic.  Some of the major changes are:

The redesign will launch as the new website in early August.  If you have feedback, please either leave a comment below or send us feedback.


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