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We Have New Friends!

Hey everyone, we are thrilled to introduce our new friends. Miss Michelle Taylor very kindly donated these wonderful pillows and they are already being loved a lot! Thank you Ms Taylor for thinking of us!


Abracadabra, Anyone?

Lo and behold! We are in the very last week of Summer reading Program! Join us for our last Summer Reading program tomorrow August 6th 2015 at 3 PM. Also, you all did great with reading. If you haven't logged your books  or your reading minutes in yet, you still have time to log them in. You may pick up your Read-O-Meters from the library as well, on your next visit. Well done everyone and thank you for your enthusiasm and appreciation!

Do You Have Super Strength?

Alright, it is that time! We have made a few superhero costume pieces and now it’s time for testing our strength. Are you ready? Tomorrow, July 28th at 3 PM, we’ll be training to become superheroes! You will test your strength, your super skills for crossing the obstacles and probably defeat some imaginary bad guys. Are you up for it? I am absolutely sure you are! Come and have some super fun with us!

A Bit Of More Fun!

What do you guys think of all the programs that we've been proving? Have you been enjoying them? We hope you have. There's still some summer weeks left. Join us tomorrow, July 23rd @   3 PM for "Julian Franklin Magic Puppet Show" and let's find out what wonderful things this guy has in store for us.

And It Goes SNAP!!

Did you enjoy Sonny the Birdman? What about Turtles and Tortoises? Well, I liked them and I bet you did too. So to continue the excitement, join us Thursday July 16th @ 3 PM for an interactive program called Crocodile Encounter. Yes, as the name suggests, get ready to see these reptiles. Snap Snap!

Photo Courtesy: CC Flickr: Ramy Alaa

Heroes In Training: Crafts

Do you have a costume ready? Do you have a cape? and other necessary stuff for being a hero? Well, if not or even if you do, you are in luck. At Barbara Bush Branch Library, we are making superhero costume pieces. So, if you are interested in making something cool for yourself, please join us today, July 14th @ 3 PM at the community center.

Is It a Turtle Or a Tortoise?

I really don't know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Do you guys know? I wonder what they eat and can you actually keep them as pets? I think I will explode with questions. Are you having similar questions as well? Why don't we put our minds to rest and enjoy a program on Monday, July 13th @ 3 PM? The show is called "Turtles and Tortoises" so we can have answers to all our questions then. Meanwhile, I think I'll and check out a book.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr CC: Mikhail Esteves

Bubbles, Bubbles, Pop!

Can you believe that we are already a month into Summer Reading program and it is on a roll. Are you having fun at the library so far? ooh i love that wonderful response. I am glad you guys are because we hoped for that. The next station on the fun train is Bubble Party. Join us tomorrow, July 2nd @ 3 PM for "Bubble Party". It will be held out in the open and we truly are keeping our fingers crossed for a very good weather sans rain. See you then!

Do All Heroes Wear Capes?

Do you know all your heroes and superheroes? Can you name some? Batman, Superman, Spiderman and there's a long list, right? But did you know there are some heroes who do not wear capes and they don't have a fancy name. Some of them help us on an everyday basis such as doctors, teachers, veterans and even your parents. Come and join us on June 30th @ 3 PM to meet our very amazing Community Heroes.

One Fish, Two Fish, Stinky Fish

By now you pretty much know that we have some very wonderful programs for you. So tomorrow, June 23rd at 3 PM, we have for you a program called "Stinky Fish" presented by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. They will be bringing fish from Galveston Bay and share some fun facts with you. See you then. Happy Summer!


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