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Para los Ninos PreSchool Story Time 10:30 AM Tues., May 3


Make sure your child understands what their behavioral expectations are to help them learn their limits. Telling him/her "5 minutes" before the game must be put away will later translate to "You only have 5 minutes to finish your work."  When giving directions on how to set the table for a holiday meal, have your child repeat the directions back to you so that you know he/she understand.  When we provide "loving limits" for our children they will have life successes. Remember to discipline gently, reinforce good behavior and set limits.

Baby Chicks and Bunnies at the Library....Washcloth, that is!

There were baby chicks and bunnies everywhere at our recent Children's Craft.  Parents and children made their own washcloth chicks and bunnies to stuff their Easter baskets.  If you missed the craft you can link to Own Two Hands to find the instructions.

Image courtesy of Own Two Hands


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