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Human Nature

The Nature of Water and Air is a novel about secrets.  Agatha, the keeper of these secrets evades inquiries of her past and even refuses to tell her daughters who their father is. Her daughter, Clodaugh, seeks to find out the truth and unveil the revelations that drove her mother to an early grave. The unkown eventually leads to dire consequences when time finally reveals all, as time always does.  What will Clodaugh do with what she discovers?  Will she follow in the path her mother took and begin to keep secrets of her own?

Patiently Waiting

Where is my time going?  I find myself spending more time running around in my vehicle, playing taxi to my children.  Usually more times than not I am kept waiting, waiting for football practice to be over, waiting for the dismissal bell to ring, waiting in long lines at the store.  It is in those times of waiting that I sneak in some reading time.  I make sure I always have a book handy. 

Say What You Need To Say

I did not want to put this book down, lucky for me it only has 148 pages.   I could so relate to this story for two simple reasons, I was a teenager at one time and now I am raising teenagers, three to be exact.   As parents we tend to forget that we were young once, and had moments when we thought our parents were the worst ever.  Time usaually allows for a change of heart as we grow older, wiser and find ourselves dealing with our own teens.   

Turn Back The Hands of Time

“He shed his past as though it were a second skin, abandoned on a road in Maryland, left to shrivel up in the sun until it was nothing more than a fine powdery dust…..”

Who was Byron Bell? He claimed to be a different man, no longer the selfish one who did whatever he pleased, no matter the cost.  In reality he is a man who has lived two lives, a man whose past catches up with him.  

The Vows She Made

“Words, I said words, that’s all. They came from my mouth not my heart.” 

Sixteen-year-old Serafina (Isabetta) did not choose to be a nun.  She was coerced into taking her vows and forced to live in the convent of Santa Caterina.   But who is she, this girl?   Angry and strong willed from the beginning yet a transformation quickly takes place in her.   Does she declare her own life sentence, to live and die enclosed within the convent walls around her?  You should check out this captivating novel to read and learn more of the SACRED HEARTS.

Out of the mouth of babes....

“I don’t think right and wrong change just because we’re at war……”  

Sandra Dallas chose to tell this story from a young girl’s perspective, 13 year old Rennie.  Her story takes place during World War II.  A time when people of Japanese decent were sent to internment camps by the U.S. Government. TALLGRASS tells of the effects one camp had on the small town of Ellis, its people and the evacuees relocated there.  For this town, Tallgrass became their own personal war.

The Secret is Out!

If you have a best friend that has shared your most intimate secrets, someone that has been with you through your highs and lows, then this book will melt your heart.   The author, Lisa See, takes you on a journey with two young girls who form a bond with each other from the age of seven.   Their bond is to be a..." joining of hearts that cannot be torn apart by distance, disagreement, loneliness, better marriage position, or by letting other girls - and later women come between". 

A Marvelous Tale To Tell

Extraordinary, a first rate writer, a natural storyteller with a marvelous tale to tell.  These are just some of the words that have been used to describe Elizabeth Kostova's work.   I would have to agree with it all after having read THE SWAN THIEVES.   I did not skip a beat, I have already checked out

When It Rains, It Pours!

Could you imagine inventing a product that would eventually be used world wide yet not getting the due credit for the invention.  That is exactly what Robert Kearns deals with in FLASH OF GENIUS, a movie based on true events.  To what extent would you go to in order to prove your right to be compensated and acknowledged for your invention?  Find out how the auto industry pushed the Kearn family to its llimits with years of litigation.  

So Many To Choose From

THE ART OF MENDING is my favorite book by Elizabeth Berg, but having to choose just one was hard.  She has written over twenty wonderful books and they can all be found in the library.  Even her newly published novel, THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU, is already on our shelves although it is not staying there.  The request list has started to build, so be quick and add yourself to the list.

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