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Friends, Allies and Enemies

Powhatan and Rolfe
Native Americans and European Immigrants

November is Native American Heritage Month. As part of the celebration the Library of Congress has a website with the stories of Native American Veterans. It’s as part of its Veterans History Project which collects the stories of the men and women who served their county. The first sentence on the page read, “American Indians have eagerly served a government which did not always keep its word to their ancestors.”

Wild Squirrels as Pets

No Squirrels

      DON'T DO IT. (They bite!)

Literary Squirrels: Part the Second

Call me squirrel Nutkin

The Squirrel in Prose Fiction

Literary Squirrels

Literary SquirrelThe Squirrel in Poetry

October is Squirrel Awareness Month. And what you might ask have squirrels to do with poetry? Let me make you aware.

Squirrels of New York

Squirrels of New York
October is Squirrel Awareness Month and there is a varied and robust Literature of Squirrels Stories as I noted last week. As I was reading through the many delightful examples available at the library, I discovered a number of stories with a common setting. They were squirrel stories set in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan, and specifically in the parks of that borough, with the most frequent setting Central Park.

Squirrel Tales to Inspire

SquirrelOctober is Squirrel Awareness Month and there is a varied and robust Literature of Squirrels Stories available at the library that will inspire and entertain you! Here are just a few:

Tales of Growing Up in Hard Times

What was it like to be an American kid in the 1930’s?
Most people were poor, even those who had been well off just a few years before. There was a drought in the Midwest. In northern Texas and Oklahoma there dust storms that blotted out the sky. Here are three tales of kids growing up during these hard times.

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