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Whispered Words of Love

Whispered Words of Love

How do they compare with Romance Novels on Compact Disc?

Well alright, endearments whispered in the ear beat stories about love hands down. But there are times when such a ticklish thrill would be unnecessarily distracting. Driving a car, for instance, or operating heavy machinery where such a distraction would lead to disaster and not affection. As a matter of fact it might significantly decrease the time available for affection, perhaps even eliminate it entirely.

For times like these you need these:

Four Favorite Folk Tales for Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Here’s a guessing game.

Four favorite fairy tales from Asia

Some stories are universal. No matter what your heritage, ask yourself, do I know this tale? Have I heard something like this story some time ago somewhere before? Parts of some titles have been hidden to keep you guessing.

2010 Christy Nominees


The Christy Awards, named in honor of Catherine Marshall’s 1967 novel are designed to:

Fighting Madly and Nobly Against Death

Don Quixote and Going Bovine 
Is the Quest
a) Futile?
b) Full of Tears?
c) Full of Laughter?
d) Awesome?
e) All of the above

     Going Bovine / Libba Bray

The Sorrows of Young Vampires

Vampire bat crying
or, Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Vampires
Some Cautionary Comics You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into             

Sure, it might seem glamorous, alluring and exciting in an Anne Rice novel, but the sorrows and disappointments of the vampire lifestyle deathstyle are vividly morbidly portrayed in these Graphic Novels.


What would it be like?

Happy Birthday Will

We know a lot about William Shakespeare. We have the text of most all of his plays, we have baptismal records, a will, and other legal documents, and we also have attacks, criticism and praise of his works by his contemporary playwrights. We can infer from these much of what he thought about the world. But because what he wrote is spoken by characters in his plays and poems, we have very scant evidence about his own personality. Much scholarly ink is used to interpret his works, especially his sonnets, to find out what sort of person he really was. In addition to the scholarship applied to this task there is also the imaginative works of other authors, who have used him as a character in their own books.


Or, Much to Do While You Wait Upon a Live Performance

Happy Birthday Will


or, Toads, Beetles, Bats, Light on You! 



Happy Birthday Will



flying saucer
Don’t just leave it to the grown-ups. Heck, some of them can’t even pack for vacation without having a meltdown. Some of them can’t even watch the news on TV without going ballistic. How are they going to have the wits to jump aboard a hostile flying saucer or outsmart aliens that look like giant spiders? You know who has to show them how to use their new electronic gadgets. That’s right, so you’d better get prepared.

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