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Family Reunions!

I just got back from my family's annual reunion in Missouri. It is always great to see my family, enjoy the cooler weather - highs in the 80's and lows in the upper 50's - and eat those MO tomatoes.

We drink coffee all morning out on the deck talking politics, books, trash and who's cooking the next meal. The afternoons are for taking care of the "lists" Mom has compiled all year and the evenings are for visiting with cousins.

Family vacations are really good especially for coming back to the routine of home and work. You realize how much you miss seeing the regular customers and volunteers and even the staff - your second family - who make it possible to take time off and really enjoy it!

Volunteers are lifesavers!

Kingwood Branch is blessed with wonderful volunteers. We even categorize them – regular, year-round volunteers, summer volunteers, special occasion volunteers. They are all great and we couldn’t provide the service we do without them.

The schools are now requiring service hours for all various organizations – student council, sports teams, and after-school clubs. We benefit from this excellent requirement; and through us the community benefits. It is very heartening to see so many young people giving back to the community. I just wish it had been in place when my boys were in school. What a foundation for a life-long habit of service. 
These students are just terrific and we can’t thank them enough!

Classes are coming! Classes are coming!

Computer training lab - new Kingwood LibraryA computer training lab will be one of the wonderful additions to the new Kingwood Branch Library. With this lab the library staff will be able to offer free classes for the software programs that all Harris County Public Libraries have on their computers.

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