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The Truth of All Things

I ordered The Truth of All Things because a fellow mystery reader raved about it to me. I did find it interesting, although not as fantastic as she described. This is a first novel by Kieran Shields and it’s set in the author’s hometown of Portland, Maine. The time is 1892 and Decover of The Truth of All Thingsputy Marshal Archie Lean is faced with a case featuring ritually slaughtered victims.

Dare to Die

South Carolina harborCarolyn Hart has been called the American Agatha Christie, and she has won numerous awards for her mysteries, including the Agatha. One of her series is the Death on Demand series, set in Broward’s Rock, S.C. Annie Darling is married to private eye Max Darling, and she owns the Death on Demand mystery book store. In Dare to Die, a mysterious former resident, Iris Tilford, shows up in the small town.

The Case of the Missing Servant

picture of snake charmerThe Case of the Missing Servant is the first book in a relatively new series, written by Tarquin Hall, a British journalist who spends a great deal of time in India. The hero is Vish Puri, who prides himself on the professionalism of his company,  Most Private Investigators Ltd. He is a bit overweight and his family affectionately calls him Chubby. In this case, a lawyer asks him to find a missing servant, and things get complicated when the client is arrested for her murder.

Blind Godess

Recently, Anne Holt's novel, 1222, was nominated for thepicture of city in Norway Edgar award. Blind Goddess is the first of that series featuring detective Hanne Wilhelmsen, newly translated into English.  In this book, set in Norway, a drug dealer is found beaten to death and the chief suspect, found covered in blood, refuses to accept any lawyer except Karen Borg.

A Trick of the Light

cover of A Trick of the LightClara Morrow has finally achieved her dream of becoming a successful artist. To celebrate her solo show at the famous Musee d’Art Contemporain, she and her husband, Peter, throw a party at their house in the village of Three Pines. However, in the morning there’s a dead women in her garden! Enter her old friend Chief Inspector Gamache to find out who the woman is and more importantly, who murdered her. Along the way, Clara has to deal with changes in her marriage, and Chief Inspector deals with challenges in his life as well.

Bury Your Dead

In Bury Your Dead, Inspector Armand Gamache of the Montreal police has taken a leave from work after a hostage rescue mission went horribly wrong. While in Quebec visiting a dear friend, he is asked to help investigate the murder of Augustin Renaud. Renaud was an historian obsessed with finding the remains of Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec. Now he’s been found dead in the basement of the Literary and Historic Society.

Faces of the Gone

Faces of the Gone coverFrom time to time, I read about new mysteries and I get interested in them. One author that sounds interesting is Brad Parks. His books have been described as “hilariously funny and deadly serious.” His detective series features Carter Ross, a journalist in New Jersey. Parks is a former journalist himself and his first book, Faces of the Gone, won both the Nero and the Shamus awards.

Mrs. Pollifax

I rememcover of The Tightrope Walkerber reading the Mrs. Pollifax series when I was younger. It’s a fun series about an older lady who becomes a spy! I was saddened to hear that Dorothy Gilman, the author of the Mrs. Pollifax series, died Feb. 2.  Besides the Mrs.

The 2012 Agatha Awards

The Agatha Awards honor traditional mysteries like those written by the great Agatha Christie.  So these mysteriescover of Naught in Nice contain no explicit sex and no excessive gore or gratuitous violence. Some of you are saying, "That doesn't sound exciting!" but some of us like a quieter mystery. The 2012 awards were announced on May 4th and the winners are below.

Award Time!

Edgar AwardThe Mystery Writers of America will be awarding the Edgar Award on April 26th. Here are the nominees for Best Novel. Check them out and see what you think!

The Ranger by Ace Atkins
Gone by Mo Hayder
The Devotion of Suspect X by keigo Higashino
1222 by Anne Holt
Field Grey by Philip Kerr

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