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Blue Shoes and Happiness

On a long trip recently, I brought a copy of Blue Shoes and Happiness. This is part of the popular Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.  The titles offer a view of everyday life in Botswana as the ladies seek to earn an honest living as detectives.  In this title, Mma Ramotswe is married now and Mma Makutsi is engaged. A customer named Poppy comes to them.

Driveway Repair!

picture of road constructionThe city has been working on driveways all along Airline Drive and now it's our turn. On Wed. afternoon we will have our big public driveway torn up so that they can pour new cement. This means all of our customers will have to enter and leave through the small staff driveway. Please take this into account when you plan your visits with us for the next few days. Schedule extra time to get in and out of the parking lot and please be careful!

Line of Fire

I’ve read and enjoyed Stephen White’s series featuring Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory throughout the years. There are 18 previous novels and in Line of Fire, White starts to bring the series to a close. Alan and his friend Sam Purdy have a deep, dark secret and events have made it likely that their secret will be revealed. At the same time that they are dealing with this, Alan’s business partner, Diane, is coping with recent traumas and she is not doing well at all. The summer has been very dry and wildfires are blazing in the countryside around Boulder. The real mystery here is not who did it, but whether Alan and Sam can make it out of this.

cover of Line of Fire











Hundred-Dollar Baby

I had a long trip to make so I checked out the audio book Hundred-Dollar Baby by Robert B. Parker. In this title, Spencer is reunited with April Kyle. April had been a teenage prostitute that Spencer had rescued in the past. Now she’s grown up and she says she needs his help. However, as he tries to help her, more and more lies pile up, and then Ollie, a minor gangster, is killed. Spencer, and his sidekick Hawk, go between New York and Boston, trying to uncover the truth in this case. Spencer begins to wonder if he really saved April, and can he save her again this time?

Happy Memorial Day!

We want to wish everyone a happy, safe Memorial Day. Be sure to take time out to remember our service men and women who have died to preserve our freedom. If you need to return books, our outside book return slot will be open. And we'll be back on Tuesday, ready to serve you!picture of American flag

Check it Out!

In celebration of Keith Haring's birthday Aldine had a teen program  to talk about street art. We discussed the  form, style, legality, and morality of graffiti, with a focus on Houston based artists. After the presentation the youth created stickers, and stencils, andcopy of teen's artwork drew on butcher paper. Their art work is on display in the library, and also pictured here.

Printers are Working!

We are happy to report that our printing issues have been resolved and customers can now print from our computers. Thank you for your patience!

Urban Fiction

Our newest Young Adult book display features a number of our urban fiction titles. If you enjoy Bluford High you'll love these titles!

picture of urban fiction book

And When She Was Good

Lippman has won the Edgar award for her mystery, Charm City. She has received several other awards, and I think she is an excellent writer. I always look forward to her new books. Her latest is And When She Was Good.

Our printers aren't working!

The good news is that we have new computers! The bad news is that our new computers don't know how to send print jobs to our printing system. So while our Network Services figure it out, you'll be unable to print here at the Aldine Library. We'll be glad to direct you to one of our other branches. Thank you for your patience!


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