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U is for Undertow

2 men diggingAfter reading T is for Trespass, I decided to stay with the Kinsey Millhone series and get caught up with <

T is for Trespass

cover of A is for AlibiI put off reading T is for Trespass, the 20th Kinsey Millhone novel, because the publisher’s blurb said it was “unsettling.” Finally, I decided to read it as I have read everything else in this series, starting with

Digital Novels?

cover of Level 26Fans of the TV series CSI may like this. The author Zuiker is the creator of CSI and he has teamed with Swierczynski to create Level 26: Dark Origins, a mystery billed as the first ever “digi-novel.”  Throughout the story the reader is encouraged to visit the website ( to view professionally done video clips that add to the story.

As Good as the Original?

Death in Paradise coverI read recently that Robert B. Parker’s books will be continued after his death by new authors chosen by his widow. This led to mixed feelings. Much as I love the idea of the characters living on in new books, I am not sure that the new authors will be up to duplicating the original. When you look at some of the TV series and movies remakes, you see what I mean. However, Robert B.

The Black Ice

Black Ice coverThe Black Ice is Connelly’s second book in his Harry Bosch series, after

A Rule Against Murder

cover of A Rule Against MurderEvery year Chief Inspector Armand Gamache takes his wife on a summer holiday at their favorite place, Quebec’s Manoir Bellechasse. They amuse themselves by observing their fellow guests, a large dysfunctional family named the Finneys. Then, a huge statue falls and crushes one of the daughters.  The manoir's owner has A  Rule Against Murder, but someone did it anyway! Armand’s vacation ends and his work begins.

Faceless Killers

cover of Faceless KillersBestselling Swedish author Henning Mankell is well known for his series featuring detective Kurt Wallender. The first book in the series is Faceless Killers.  An elderly couple is murdered on an isolated farm after being tortured brutally. Foreign refugees are suspected and attacks against refugees increase. Meanwhile, Wallender deals with his estranged wife and daughter and his senile father.

The Black Echo

soldiers loading weaponThe Black Echo is the first novel in the Harry Bosch series, and I picked it up because I enjoyed

The Girl in the Green Raincoat

girl in the green raincoat book coverOne of my favorite private eyes, Tess Monaghan, is pregnant and confined during her third trimester.  Bored and restless, she spends a lot of time looking out her window. She observes The Girl in the Green Raincoat walking her dog every day.

The Last Lie

Devil's ThubmAfter The Siege, White gets back to writing about Alan Gregory, his Boulder area psychologist/sleuth. Alan and his family, including his adopted son Jonas, are dealing with the arrival of new neighbors, living in Jonas’ old house across the street. Will they tear down the beloved barn/studio that Jonas’ father worked in?

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