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Books, Books, Books!

We check out a lot of materials here at the Aldine Library! I knew we were busy but didn’t realize how much our customers checked out until I saw these numbers.  Over the past 12 months, Aldine customers have checked out:
2,735 Spanish picture books
1,636 English picture books
5,310 adult booksgirl holding books
Thanks for using your library and bringing those books home!

More Dresden Files

cover of Blood RitesI’ve been continuing to read the Dresden Files series, featuring wisecracking Chicago wizard-detective Harry Dresden. In Death Masks, he’s challenged to a duel by a powerful vampire, while he also is hired to find the Shroud of Turin! Harry has to turn to all his friends to escape a terrifying group of demons.

Snapshot Day!

Recently picture of computer usersAldine Branch Library took part in the Texas Library Snapshot Day program. All over Texas, libraries gathered data, gave out survey forms, and took pictures to capture a “snapshot” of a regular day at their library. Our day was Oct. 30th and it was great! We had over 600 people walk into the library and 187 reference questions were answered. We got great comments on our survey forms like, “This place is important to me.”  Thanks for taking part in our Library Snapshot Day!

Snapshot Day!

lady with cameraTomorrow, Aldine will be taking part in the Texas Library Snapshot Day! All through Texas, libraries are counting the number of customers, reference questions and program attendees. We're asking customers to fill out surveys. And libraries are taking pictures of customers and events. All of this information will be provided to the Texas State Library so that they can continue to promote Texas libraries. Take part in our Snapshot Day by attending a program, filling out a survey form and maybe even letting us take your picture!


The Dresden Files

I’ve been reading the Dresden Files series for a while, ever since the TV series based on the books got me interested. So far, I’ve only gotten to the first four books in the series, and last I heard there were 14 in the series. So I can look forward to enjoying these for a while. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, the son of a magician,

The Truth of All Things

I ordered The Truth of All Things because a fellow mystery reader raved about it to me. I did find it interesting, although not as fantastic as she described. This is a first novel by Kieran Shields and it’s set in the author’s hometown of Portland, Maine. The time is 1892 and Decover of The Truth of All Thingsputy Marshal Archie Lean is faced with a case featuring ritually slaughtered victims.

Dare to Die

South Carolina harborCarolyn Hart has been called the American Agatha Christie, and she has won numerous awards for her mysteries, including the Agatha. One of her series is the Death on Demand series, set in Broward’s Rock, S.C. Annie Darling is married to private eye Max Darling, and she owns the Death on Demand mystery book store. In Dare to Die, a mysterious former resident, Iris Tilford, shows up in the small town.

The Case of the Missing Servant

picture of snake charmerThe Case of the Missing Servant is the first book in a relatively new series, written by Tarquin Hall, a British journalist who spends a great deal of time in India. The hero is Vish Puri, who prides himself on the professionalism of his company,  Most Private Investigators Ltd. He is a bit overweight and his family affectionately calls him Chubby. In this case, a lawyer asks him to find a missing servant, and things get complicated when the client is arrested for her murder.

Blind Godess

Recently, Anne Holt's novel, 1222, was nominated for thepicture of city in Norway Edgar award. Blind Goddess is the first of that series featuring detective Hanne Wilhelmsen, newly translated into English.  In this book, set in Norway, a drug dealer is found beaten to death and the chief suspect, found covered in blood, refuses to accept any lawyer except Karen Borg.

A Trick of the Light

cover of A Trick of the LightClara Morrow has finally achieved her dream of becoming a successful artist. To celebrate her solo show at the famous Musee d’Art Contemporain, she and her husband, Peter, throw a party at their house in the village of Three Pines. However, in the morning there’s a dead women in her garden! Enter her old friend Chief Inspector Gamache to find out who the woman is and more importantly, who murdered her. Along the way, Clara has to deal with changes in her marriage, and Chief Inspector deals with challenges in his life as well.

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