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Downton Abbey

PBS is accustomed to having programs that become somewhat popular in the United States.  Oh, not like American Idol or The Big Bang Theory popular.  No, just programs that develop a devoted following among the PBS viewers.  Masterpiece is one of their most watched series.  That program carries British series divided into three categories: Classic, Contemporary, and Mystery.  And in 2011, they struck gold with a Classic series – Downton Abbey.

Silents, please...

There are various sayings for it.  Everything old is new again.  What goes around comes around.  It’s déjà vu all over again.  (Ya gotta love Yogi Berra!)  In any case, it’s certainly true for Hollywood this past year.  One of the biggest films of 2011, a movie causing a lot of buzz, is a black & white, silent film.

Betty White

There’s no doubt about it.  Betty White has become America’s sweetheart.  And who could blame us for falling for her, whether for the first time or all over again?  The woman is sharp, talented, lovely – and possesses the kind of comedy timing that is only honed over years in show business.

In Memoriam

Back in the 50s, there was a television series titled December Bride.  It starred Spring Byington as a widow who longed to find a suitable man and remarry.  A character actor played the next-door neighbor named Pete.  The actor was Harry Morgan.  He went on to star in a spinoff series titled Pete and Gladys, a show that I remember.  My grandmother was a great fan of both shows; and no matter what other series Morgan was in, she always called him “Ol’ Pete.”  So when Harry Morgan passed away this past December, I guess it was natural for me to think, “Ol’ Pete is gone.”<

I'm Dreaming of a Black & White Christmas

Christmas is full of bright colors.  Red Santa suit.  Green Christmas tree.  Silver tinsel.  Gold stars.

So why are my favorite holiday movies in black & white?

I don’t know.  They just are.


I’m coming late to this party.  Yes, I’ve seen the movies and watched some of the TV shows.  But overall, the concept of steampunk is fairly new to me.

Veterans Day

On November 11, 1918, an Armistice to end the First World War was signed.  “The war to end all wars” was over.  Sadly, we know that was wishful thinking.  Wars continue.  We send men and women off to defend us and fight for us.  They sacrifice so much, and we should be ever mindful of that.  That might mean care packages to those serving overseas; contributions to organizations; or even a simple “Thank you!” when we meet those who are in or have been part of the Armed Forces of the United States.  And remember that their families do that time with them, whether stateside or

Zombie Jamboree

Wow!  When did that happen?! 

When did zombies become the number one threat to humanity in horror movies and TV?


Last week, the passing of Steve Jobs had everyone talking.  And writing.  Or should I say “tweeting?”  Apparently, Twitter accounts all over the world were busier than usual as the news spread.  Jobs didn’t invent computers or cell phones.  But he made them exciting in a way no one else had.  He took the world of information and put it in the palms of our hands, directing his company to concentrate on ease of use – as well as a cool, “wow” factor.

Sometimes Crime Does Pay

With all the movies and TV shows about cops and catching criminals, you’d think that there’d never be any circumstances that would have us cheering for the bad guys.  After all, they’re breaking the law.  They should be arrested and tried and put in jail.

But clever robberies?  Against some big company or crooked businessman?  Or maybe out-conning a con man who cheated people out of their hard-earned money?  Or maybe stealing for some greater good?  Well, that’s very different.

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