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Those Who Serve -- and Those Who Wait

As we approach this coming Memorial Day, I considered this holiday in a little different way.  Since Armed Forces Day is also celebrated in May – on the third Saturday each year – I decided to broaden the subject.

Traditionally it was men who marched off to serve their country, in peacetime and in war.  Eventually, for various reasons, women became a part of the military as well.  In the beginning, the roles of women were supportive.  They worked in offices and in hospitals.  Today, women work in a wide variety of jobs in the armed forces, and their duties continue to expand.

Oscar Winning Voices

I read once – I’m sorry I can't remember where – that Doc Hudson in the movie Cars was the definitive role for Paul Newman.

I heartily agree.

A Nice Place to Visit...

There was a time when the majority of people lived in rural areas.  It made sense.  There was opportunity for owning land.  Maybe you’d farm.  Maybe have a ranch.  In wooded areas, you might have a lumber business.  On coasts, you could fish.  Perhaps you could have a business that would cater to these folks.  And, of course, there was always the possibility of working for someone in any of these industries.

Then came the Industrial Revolution.  People started leaving the rural areas for the cities, where there were manufacturing jobs.  And that led to growing businesses of all kinds.  Cities were busy and exciting.  And that trend has never slowed down. Today, the majority of people live in urban areas.

A Fine Bromance

It’s not really a new phenomenon.  No, it’s always been around.  But only in the past few years have we given a new term to it: bromance.

The word “bromance” – a combination of “bro/brother” and “romance” -- came into use referring to the camaraderie between skateboarders.  Now we use it when talking about characters in movies and TV shows and books.  Two guys who see each other through good times and bad.  Even when girlfriends and wives come into the picture, the friendship between the men stays true. 

The Irish Among Us

It’s said that on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish.  Sometimes in the movies, it feels that way.
While I do like films set in Ireland, we don’t need those movies to find Irish talents in movies and TV.  They are everywhere and always have been, both in front of and behind the camera.

So as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I thought I’d draw attention to the Irish who entertain us.  They have become a most welcome part of our movies and television, sometimes without our knowing that they were born and/or raised in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

More Than Tough Enough

It’s been a while since I wrote about television.  And in light of March being Women’s History Month, I started thinking about female TV characters that I really like.

Now it was tough trying to narrow down my choices.  There were stars of comedy, drama, variety, adventure.  But in the end, my favorite TV series are cop shows.  No doubt about it.  And that’s when I thought of the female police officers and detectives so prevalent on television these days.

One More Time...

The Oscar show is over.  The gold statues have been handed out.  The show biz pundits have praised and panned various dresses worn by the women attending.  Some have even talked about the men’s clothing.  Comments have been made about the length of the ceremony.  And many have mentioned the host.

Black History Month at the Oscars

February has brought us two special events: Black History Month and the Academy Awards presentation.  So I think we should call attention to the Black actors and actresses who have paved the way for the next generation of talent – such as young Quvenzhané Wallis.  Past winner Denzel Washington is nominated again this year.  And, of course, he was preceded by others.

Therefore, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the talented Black artists who have won the Oscar.  Check out their array of movies, including those for which they received their awards.

Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

The majority of actresses nominated this year have one big thing in common: they’ve been nominated before.

The array of talent is truly amazing.  Every actress in the supporting category has been nominated in the past.  Two of them have won Academy Awards in the lead category.  Three of those nominated for leading actress have been down the red carpet before, two for supporting and one for lead.  The other two in leading roles are up for the award for the first time – and they just happen to be the youngest and the oldest nominees in that category in Oscar history.

Best Picture -- Now and Then

I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to this year’s Oscars.  I’ve seen very few of the nominated films.  Friends and family have told me about some of the movies, and I’ve looked up information on my own.  The nine films up for Best Picture are quite diverse, ranging from historical to fantasy to military to musical to western.

Now I will admit up front that I’m cheating a little on this blog.  I looked up the plots for most of the films.  And as I read, I couldn’t help being reminded of past Best Picture winners.

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