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Shock Value

Attention fellow horror aficionados! Shock Value by Jason Zinoman is a treat that you will love! Shock Value gives you an insider's look into movies from the 1970s that changed the genre of the horror film.

Be afraid... Be very afraid...

One of my favorite holidays is 5 days away...Halloween! For me, Halloween has always been about dressing up in a fun costume and going door to door for candy! As I got older, I still liked to dress up in silly costumes but I had to stop trick or treating. Apparently, you only get candy if you are a kid (insert sad face here). Nowadays I read and watch lots of horrors and give out candy to the kids that come to my door.

Horns by Joe Hill

Someone recently recommended author Joe Hill to me. I read up on Joe Hill and he is a fairly new horror author who just happens to be the son of Stephen King! So of course I requested his most recent title, Horns, from my local library.

I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

I recently read, actually no, devoured Dan Wells' I Am Not a Serial Killer  about teenager John Wayne Cleaver. John is a clinically deemed "sociopath" and has always been fascinated by things most people consider wrong, namely serial killers.

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