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Summer Reading Program 2019

We’re launching into summer this year with A Universe of Stories!

The Summer Reading Program begins on June 3rd and ends on August 3rd.

On June 3rd, you can sign up right here:

SRP Prizes

Level 1: Book
Level 2: Astronaut Rubber Duck
Level 3: Star Photo Frame Magnet

Level 1: Book
Level 2: Coloring Book
Level 3: Medal and Certificate

Teens & Adults
Level 1: Book
Level 2: Ear Bud
Level 3: Drawing Ticket for Prize Pack*

Prizes will be held until August 10th.

Wednesday, June 19th at 7 PM – Star Wars Family Trivia Night [8 to Adult]



From 1977 to now, Star Wars is an international and intergenerational fandom for the whole family.

Have your family join us at 7 PM on June 19th for Star Wars Trivia at the Parker Williams Library.

Each team can have a maximum of six people, and the winning team gets a prize in this pub style quiz.

Let your wits be as sharp as your lightsabers.  

June Monday Night Teen Programs at 7 PM

Monday, June 10th at 7 PM – Teen - VR Beat Saber [13+]
On Monday June 10th at 7 PM is our first Teen program at night of the summer. For this beginning, we are going to have our Playstation VR ready and rearing to go for those who have the rhythm for Beat Saber. Come to the Community Room at the Parker Williams Library ready to rock.

 Monday, June 24th at 7 PM – Teen – scribbl.IO [13+]

What’s that? A Cat! A Cat?!? That’s Not a cat! Yes it is!... is something you might hear when playing, a drawing guessing game. On Monday, June 24th at 7 PM, perspective teenaged artists are invited to test their drawing skills with their peers right here at the Parker Williams Library.

Friday, June 14th at 2 PM – Anime Club – Badly Drawn Manga [13+]


This summer Anime Club is rebooted!

Join us for some anime based fun at the Parker Williams Library .

This month, we’ll be drawing anime and manga… Badly!

You will have one to two minutes to draw some of your favorite anime and manga characters.

We will see who is talented and who is hilarious on Friday, June 14th at 2 PM. 

Friday, June 7th & 21st at 3 PM – Library Lab [8-13]


Friday, June 7th and June 21st at 3 PM – Library Lab [8-13]

For those interested in a little more of a hands on approach to science, the Parker Williams Library is hosting Library Lab. Library Lab a more in depth science program that gets kids elbow deep into science.

Join us in the Community Room on June 7th at 3 PM for SCIENCE!

June Thursday Science Fiction Feature at 2 PM

Thursday, June 6th at 2 PM – SciFi Feature – Lilo & Stitch (PG; 85 min) [10+]
Thursdays at 2 PM in the Parker Williams Library Community Room, we will be featuring a different Science Fiction movie for kids each week. Here is a description of this week’s feature:
“A Hawaiian girl adopts an unusual pet who is actually a notorious extra-terrestrial fugitive.”

Summer Programs on Wednesday at 2 PM

Wednesday, June 5th at 2 PM – Ask An Astronaut [All Ages]
On Wednesday June 5th, we will kick off our “Universe of Stories” theme by hearing about the wonders of space from a real, live astronaut! Join us in the Community Room at 2 PM as we here about the training, experience, and sights that our astronaut has had on their journey to the stars. 

Tuesday June STEM Programs

Tuesday, June 11th at 2 PM – STEM Time – Solar Ovens [8+]
It always feels like the surface of the sun outside during the summer. On Tuesday, June 11th, we are going to try and harness that power to make solar ovens in the Community Room. Join us at 2 PM to learn about convection, conduction, and radiation as well as melt some food.  


Tuesday, June 25th at 2 PM – Science Explorers – Basic Robotics [4+]
Join us for pre-school introduction into the world of robotics. On June 25th at 2 PM, the Parker Williams Library will be having some fun activities for some of our younger kids to explore the world of robotics and basic coding with Bee Bots. 

Tuesday, June 4th & 18th at 2 PM – June Daily Teen Programs


Tuesday, June 4th from 2 PM – Teen – iOS Space Team [13+]
Teen programs are coming back to the Parker Williams Library on Tuesdays and Mondays. Join us this Tuesday, June 4th in the Community Room for the wacky, flip-switch game Space Team. Using our iPads, you will have to shake, dial, and flip your way up the levels with a partner as you yell out what each of you have to do to make it to the next level. Join us on June 4th at 2 Pm in the Community Room for an outrageous time. 


 Tuesday, June 18th from 2 PM – Teen – Button Making [13+]

Make your own flair with the Parker Williams Library button maker. On Tuesday, June 18th at 2 PM, we’ll be busting out the buttons. 

Monday, June 3rd at 7 PM – VR Gaming [13+]

June begins a new journey in gaming at the Parker Williams Library.

On June 3rd at 7 PM, we are debuting our new Playstation VR rig in the Community Room.

Get ready to try out some of the newest immersion technology while demoing some of Sony’s gaming possibilities.

Health Advisory: Participants must be 12 years old or older to participate.  

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