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Basics Computer Class is Almost Here!

BasicsBeginning Monday May 16, Katy Library will offer an ongoing course in computer basics. Some topics we will cover in this free, semi-weekly course include:
Essential devices, mouse and keyboarding skills, creating folders and saving documents, basic word processing functions, e-mail basics, internet searching, and more…
All classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, lasting one hour each. To meet the demands of peoples’ differing schedules, we will offer two tracks:

New Computers and Faster Internet at Katy

Fast Internet LinesKaty library has all brand new computers, adding more than 30 PCs and 5 laptops to our existing fleet. We also have new high speed T1 lines which means faster computers and reliable wireless connections. Of course, this fantastic update is not without its wrinkles. However, if you need any help at all please don’t hesitate to ask me, John, the new technology trainer and I will gladly assist you. Please check our online calendar for upcoming computer classes beginning in May.

New Computer Classes are Coming to Katy

computer classHere at Katy Library we will begin offering more in depth computer classes by May. We are formulating schedules and agendas for new classes, but we need your help. To help us better serve our community, please take the time to fill out a computer class survey the next time you stop into Katy branch. Also, let us know what types of computer programs most interest you. We are excited about this knew opportunity to serve you!

We Need Your Comments

The next time you come in to the Northwest library, please take a minute to fill out a comment card expressing your appreciation for the library. Whether it is about the friendly staff, or the wide range of services, please tell us what the library means to you. In mid February, we will present your collected comments before our state legislators in an urgent appeal for funding. Your words have the power to save our Texas libraries from devastating budget cuts that poised to take effect this spring.

New Self Checkout Machines

If you haven’t been to the Northwest library in the past week, we’ve made another exciting change to our system: new self checkout machines! The process on the new machines is a little different, but don’t fear, one of our friendly staff members will gladly guide you through the process. The best new features are the multidirectional scanners and receipt printing options. Come by the library, pick out a book and try it for yourself.

Find Your Inspiration at Northwest

February is African-American History month and Northwest Library is celebrating with a display case featuring some of the most influential African-Americans in history. Are you a teacher who needs a recommendation for a lesson plan or a student who needs a subject for a report? Come check out display case to see if any of these great Americans inspire you. 

Book Club Bash Holiday Piano Concert

Holiday Concert

Please join us on Monday December 13 for a very special concert of holiday piano music performed by Ms. Tracy “The Music Lady.” The event is hosted by the book club members of Northwest, but all are welcome to join us. The festivities will begin at 2 PM in the meeting room. We hope to see you there.

Dance Salad Screening

DancersOn Monday December 6 our regularly scheduled movie will not be seen so we may bring you a special presentation of Houston International Dance Coalition’s Dance Salad Festival. The screening includes footage of contemporary, multi-discipline dances from various international performers. It will be held in the meeting room at 4:15 PM. We hope to see you there.

Save The Words

Save The WordsDon’t be alarmed if you hear the Northwest staff members using some pretty unusual words. No, we’re not taking a cue from Sarah Palin (see “refudiate”) and inventing our own words. Rather, we are participating in the Save The Words campaign. We have adopted a list of obscure words otherwise doomed to extinction by the Oxford American Dictionary. So if you hear us talking about how an aquabib (water drinker) visited the local oporopolist (fruit seller), please don’t assume we're a bunch of foppotees (simple-minded people). We are simply bulking up our slimikin (slender) vocabularies so that they are more crassulent (very fat).

November 1 Monday Movie Canceled

The upcoming Monday night movie scheduled for November 1 is canceled, but for good reason...DEMOCRACY! Our election volunteers need that time on Monday evening to prepare for the midterm elections on November 2. We'll see you on Monday November 8 for our next movie.

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