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Spooky Tales for Teens and Adults

We’re into the heart of October now, and while next week we’ll have some not so spooky options for the younger crowd,  it’s now time to get to the truly spooky stuff—the books that will get your heart racing, palms sweating and mind whirring. I’ve got eight books for teens and eight for adults here, all terrifyingly creepy in their own way. From zombies to ghosts to monsters that go bump in the night, to the scariest thing of all: humanity, these recommendations are not for the faint of heart. Might want to sleep with a light on after these. 



Gothic Literature

It’s my favorite time of year, folks. Those October through December days are here and I, for one, am ready to kick it off with the creepy, spooky, and kooky month that’s full of tricks, treats and scarily good books to read. For this blog entry I want to take it back—back to the beginning of horror, back to 1764 with the introduction of the Gothic Novel. Gothic tales blend horror and romance, featuring large, crumbling architecture, isolated heroes, a villain who has fallen from grace, supernatural elements and a dark, foreboding sense of dread. Awesome, right?

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th. Started in 1968, this month is dedicated to honoring the histories, cultures and contributions of those in the Latinx community. It begins in the middle of the month of September because the 15th is the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, with Mexico and Chile coming after, on the 16th and 18th. This culture is vibrant and its history important. That said, here is a selection of books for all ages that celebrate the intricacies of what Hispanic heritage truly means. 



Here Be Pirates

Ahoy mateys! Talk Like a Pirate Day is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you know the basic pirate slang but not enough to get your though a whole day. So, to get you scallywags ready I’ve prepared some swashbuckling good reads for kids, teens and adults to enjoy. So strap on your eye patches and peg legs because here we go! Arrrrrr!




Wonderfully Wordless

Picture books can represent many things to many people: an introduction to reading, a portal to a different world, a bringer of nostalgia or simply a happy place. No matter what, when you crack open a picture book you're sucked into a different world-- one filled with raining meatballs, typing cows, dinosaurs going to bed and so many other amazing, heart warming, laugh out loud, creative journeys. And sometimes, those worlds are just shown to us, without any words at all, allowing each reader to create their own story, their own world, their own adventure. Here are 9 worldess picture books, just waiting to be opened and explored. 



Celebrating Grandparents

Grandparent’s Day is right around the corner—a time to celebrate those old(er) folks who’ve been a constant source of support, love and yes, amusement throughout our lives. In the book world, some of the best, most memorable characters have been grandparents and I’m here to share some of them with you. From humor to drama, and for all ages, here are some memorable reads featuring good ole’ grandma and grandpa. 



Living that Library Life

I think if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that libraries are awesome and amazing and interesting and a whole bunch of other nifty adjectives. I mean, if you’re reading this you’re probably a fan or a supporter of the library in some way right? In the end, it doesn’t matter if you somehow ended up here by wild happenstance or if you ended up here because here is exactly where you want to be—let’s celebrate that awesome, amazing, interesting place full of knowledge. How? By reading of course. 



School Time

The first day of school can be scary—new rooms, new teachers, new classmates, new schedules, new rules. So. Much. New. Thankfully, many people have done this before, and, thankfully, many have come through to the other side whole and unscathed. And, lucky for us, some have even written about the experience, knowing how worrisome the days leading up to all that newness can be. So, here's a list of back to school stories, perfect for that night before school read aloud that'll make it all seem, if not exciting, then hopefully a little less scary. 



STEAM reads for all ages

Let’s talk about STEAM y’all. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. These are words that may sound daunting to some people, but in today’s world they’re important ones. From classrooms, to offices, and yes, even libraries, this acronym is becoming synonymous with the future. So whether you’re interested in learning more about the subjects, their past and whatever the future may bring, enjoy them already, or want to give a little nudge to someone in your life, big or small, here are a few titles, for all ages, to get you started. 



Sweet Reads

Some days, we just want something sweet. Something delicious, easy to swallow and oh-so-good; something fulfilling in the best possible way. Well, it’s not always in ones best interest to have said sweet things just sitting around all the time, ready to be devoured. Sometimes, one must get their sweet fix somewhere else. For the sake of today’s blog, I’m suggesting: books. Books of all flavors and centers, but all with a bit of sweetness in their title. 


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