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I had lunch with a friend a few days ago and at one point we talked about how much we both like the new show Modern Family.  She said it was very unusual for her to like a sitcom at all.  Even though they are not fashionable right now, I am the complete opposite -- I love a well-written sitcom.  Make me laugh for 30 minutes at a time and I'm loyal for life.  I was overjoyed when television DVD sets were introduced, and I take full advantage of the library's collection.  Here are a few of my favorites through the years that I have revisited with the help of my library card:

Be Counted for Harris County

It's time, again, for the American population to be counted.  If you do your part and fill out your census form, you're not only helping create an accurate historical record, you're helping your community to get a fair share of federal funding for transportation, future housing needs, critical programs for youth and seniors, and planning for future disasters.  An accurate count will also serve as a guide for school district boundaries, job training centers, child-care and community centers and libraries. The ten question forms have gone out, they take about ten minutes to fill out, and they help Harris County garner ten times the return in federal funding.  Census answers are used solely to provide statistical data, they're private and can't be used against you in any way.  For more information, visit the official Harris County census site or the census bureau site.

So, please take a few minutes to be counted and let's find the power in numbers!

HCDE Head Start Names HCPL '2010 Outstanding Community Partner'

HCDE Head Start Honors

Harris County Department of Education Head Start honored the Harris County Public Library as the 2010 Outstanding Community Partner at its Community Partnership Luncheon in February.

Community partner organizations and businesses provide in-kind gifts and services to HCDE’s 17 Head Start centers in northeast Harris County. Over a dozen were honored at the luncheon.

The Harris County Public Library was honored for extraordinary and unique contributions to Head Start and its families. Seven Head Start sites within the library’s service area are included in the library system’s “Reading is Fundamental Program.” Children at the centers receive three books a year during story time and participate in activities developed around the book’s theme.

Black History Month Celebrations Begin at Parker Williams Branch

On Saturday, February 6th, Harris County Public Library will kickoff Black History Month celebrations at the Parker Williams Branch Library with a day of fun and educational programs.

For Kids:Freedom Train

Express Children’s Theatre will take you along on a family’s journey to freedom through the Underground Railroad in the children’s play, Freedom Train at 10:30 am.

Reading Resolutions

Since reading is such an important part of my life, each year I make reading resolutions, in addition to the traditional New Year's Resolutions.  The reading resolutions are usually much easier to keep! 

happy new year

Here is my plan for 2010:

Security Blanket Books

Security Blanket BabyThere are certain books (and movies, but that's a different story), that I will read over and over again.  I know people who think that life is too short to read the same book more than once, but I find that there's a certain peace and enjoyment found in spending more time with characters you really like in an appealing imaginary world, where nothing bad ever happens for which you're not prepared.  I think of them as security blanket books and imagine Linus in my head.

My Classic Movie Evening

movie cameraI was watching TCM the other night when they offered their monthly guest programmer's favorite movies on the schedule.  This month's programmer was Neko Case, whose favorite movies included two on my personal list, Radio Days and The Third Man.  As I watched the in-between-movie short "Dogway Melody," I wondered what movies would make my list if Robert Osborne

Walking With Their Hearts

Start Heart Walk

HCPL staff members joined other Harris County departments and formed three teams to take part in this year's American Heart Association Heart Walk 2009. Together, the Library Goddesses, the Power Walkers, and the Great Hearts raised $1,800 for cardiovascular research, treatment and education.  They also had a great time walking together for a good cause.  Way to go, Teams!

HCPL Heart Walk

Authors Who Can Read

In most cases, my advice would be "drop it and run" if you were about to check out an audio book narrated by the author.    Bringing a story to life on the page is much different from hearing a story out loud.  There are, however, some glorious notable exceptions:

Psychologist Sleuths

I just received the latest Val McDermid mystery to check out, and I've had to put it away in the cabinet so I'm not tempted to start reading on duty.  I enjoy all of her books, but the Dr.

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