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Quick Picks: Stranger Than Fiction

Macro by Hachi GatsuAlthough these days I love to read a great novel, many years of my reading life were focused on nonfiction – the true stuff, things that seemed utterly unbelievable but actually happened or existed, people who made an impact, or the history of strange things.  If you are looking for a quick read, you might consider browsing the nonfiction section.  We have many nonfiction books at the library that are filled with pictures and quick blurbs; you can pick and choose to read about what you find the most interesting.  What would you want to learn about?

Teen Tech Week

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Youth Art Month

Japanese Paper Crafting by zakka inspiredMarch is Youth Art Month!  Whether you already think of yourself as an artist (or crafter) or if you’re interested in pursuing a new creative outlet, we have many resources available through the library to help fuel your inspiration.  What are you going to create?

Arts & Crafts

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On My To Read Pile

Genetics Exhibit, San Jose Tech by Thomas HawkI don’t know about you, but I always seem to have an ever-growing “To Read” pile at my house.  Some things get shifted around within the pile (i.e. “this one is due next week and I have to read it ASAP” or “I’ve heard such great things about this, I just can’t wait to read it”), but, without fail, as soon as one book disappears from the pile, I’ve got something new to readily take its place.  What is on your “to read” pile?

It’s Complicated…

heart breaks in 2 by buttersweetRelationships aren’t always easy.  Whether they’re romantic relationships, friendships, relationships we have with family members…they can be complicated.  If you prefer an edgier take on romance, prefer the bittersweet over the saccharine, prefer the doomed-to-fail over the happily-ever-after, prefer slowly-but-surely to love-at-first-sight, or would rather read about the dark, destructive or…just plain complicated parts of relationships, you might like one of these.  What would you recommend?

2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults

Book & Phone Book by lynngardnerEach year YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association…say that 10 times fast!) releases the Best Fiction for Young Adults list (BFYA…which used to be the Best Books for Young Adults…BBYA).  This very lengthy list recognizes books that are both appealing to readers and of good quality.  So if you’re looking for a great read, consider checking out the list.  Or take a look below for the Top Ten Best of the Best!

2012 Alex Awards: Great Adult Books for Teen Readers

Alex Award logoEach year the Alex Awards Committee honors ten books published for adults that have special appeal to teen readers, ages 12 through 18.  Whether you are a teen reader looking to expand past the teen collections or a reader who has been reading adult books for some time, the Alex Awards are a great place to look for reading recommendations.  This year’s group of ten includes some awesome titles (some of which I’ve actually read! Shock!) or you might consider looking at some of the past years’ winners.

Quick Picks: Novels in Verse

bad boy can be good for a girl bookjacketThe very first novel in verse I ever read was A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone.  I’m by no stretch of the imagination a fast reader and picking up a book of poetry (in any form) is usually not my first instinct.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Stone’s book was not only an incredibly quick read (I’m talking about a couple of hours – if that – one afternoon), but that the free verse poetry was accessible and enhanced the storytelling.  Since my first ex

Quick Picks: Short Stories

Clock by Dave StokesBeing back in school it always feels like there’s never enough time to read for fun!! Or, put another way, when we actually have a moment of free time, sometimes curling up with a book is not always the highest priority.  We’ve got extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, volunteering, homework and more to think about here.  Free time is often filled up with hanging out with friends, watching TV, sleeping… Enter: the short story.  Short stories are great choice when you’re busy and don’t have a lot of spare reading time.  You can pick and choose which stories you want to read, rather than feel obligated to read the whole book from cover to cover, but still get your reading fix or follow your favorite authors. 

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