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End of Summer Quick Reads

Clocks by blue2likeyouThe beginning of school is just around the corner.  Some of you might be counting down the days.  Others might be clinging to your last few moments of freedom.  Either way, you might pick up one of these quick reads – every one less than 200 pages – to celebrate one last hurrah of summer!  What quick reads do you recommend?

CCISD AP & Pre-AP Summer Reading Discussion Groups

Books by shutterhacksAugust 8th - August 17th  Are you or someone you know going to be taking AP or Pre-AP Language Arts or Social Studies this upcoming Fall?  At Freeman, we've got you covered.  Join us for student and group-led discussions of the required summer reading to help get yourself in gear for the school year (and enjoy some snacks while you're at it)! We're also going to test your recall with some trivia contests - so read your books and you might win some prizes!

Cures for Boredom: Funny Reads

You Make Me Smile by vastaAt this point in the summer, with just a couple of weeks before school officially starts, the Summer Reading Program about to end (have you logged your books or minutes? Log your books and minutes!), and weather that is so hot it saps your energy as soon as you walk out the front door, sometimes a little bit of boredom sets in.  We’ve enjoyed sleeping in, staying up later, hanging out with friends, and maybe taking a family trip, but these last few weeks seem to draaaaaaaaggggg by.  Why not check out a book that will have you laughing the rest of your summer away?  What funny reads to you recommend?

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fiction…

New York City is Alive and Well by Stuck in CustomsAlthough I used to read a ton of fiction when I was a little kid, I kind of took a fiction break for quite a few years once I got into 7th grade or so.  Rediscovering my love of fiction has been a fairly recent development in my life as a reader, but I still get the urges to read a really great nonfiction book every now and again.  There are nonfiction books that have stories that are just as captivating as fiction and, as they say, sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.  Below I’ve listed some newer nonfiction titles that have either just hit the shelves or have come out in the last year.  What do you recommend?

Favorites Reads So Far in 2011

I <3 Books...even closer by EnoksonWe’re more than half-way through the year (and more than have way through SRP – have you registered? No? Register, already!) and at this point I’m taking stock of everything I’ve read so far.  I’ve had the pleasure to read many good books this year, but out of all these have been my favorites.  What are your favorite reads in 2011?


Favorites So Far in 2011


Family Friendly Audiobooks

Desert Road by Walker.CarpenterI can’t tell you how many times in the past couple of weeks I’ve had a parent come talk to me and say, “We’re going on a long car trip and need a good audiobook for the whole family” or “I need to find something that will appeal to my teens, but we can listen to with their grandmother.”  Long car rides with the family are a great way of connecting with stories and with one another.  Below I’ve listed a few audiobooks that I think would be good fare for a family car trip.  What do you recommend?

On My To Read Pile...

d-221 books by azrastaI don’t know about you, but I always seem to have an ever-growing “To Read” pile at my house.  Some things get shifted around within the pile (i.e. “this one is due next week and I have to read it ASAP” or “I’ve heard such great things about this, I just can’t wait to read it”), but, without fail, as soon as one book disappears from the pile, I’ve got something new to readily take its place.  What is on your “to read” pile?

That Might Be a Problem: New Issue-Driven Books for Teens

Rustic Mirror 2 by jonhildyYou might be tired of me saying it, but if you haven’t already registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program, now is the time!  You still have until August 6th to read or listen for 600 minutes or read or listen to 5 books.  Get started on your summer reading by picking up some books that have just come out or are new to our shelves!  Below is a list of some new issue-driven books for young adults and a couple of new adult issue-driven novels that might appeal to teen readers.  What do you recommend?

New Chick Lit & Romance Reads for Teens

I'll Give You All I Can... by Brandon Christopher WarrenIf you haven’t registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program…what’s with the wait?  Just do it!  Enjoy your summer by picking up some books that have just come out or are new to our shelves.  Below is a list of some new teen chick lit and romances and a couple of new adult chick lit and romance titles that might appeal to teen readers.  What do you recommend?

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