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Anime Club

dragon ball zDo you love anime? We do! Join us for a few anime episodes and snacks this Wednesday, November 10th @ 4:30 pm. Meet other teens with the same interests as you and be sure to vote for next month’s selection!!
Do you have ideas of other events and projects we can host involving anime or manga?  Join us this week and let us know what you'd like to see!
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Veterans Day

Korean War memorial, Washington, D.C.November 11 marks the celebration of Veterans Day, where we honor men and women who have served in the United States armed services. Originally Veterans Day was proclaimed a day to remember those who died during World War I, but since 1954 has been a celebration of all who have served our country. There are many excellent reads featuring veterans and the families of those who have served our country. How are you going to celebrate Veterans Day?

Mer’s Veterans Day Picks:

New Science Fiction for Teens

sci-fi museum restroom signIf you’re an avid science fiction reader, this year’s crop of new science fiction for teens has something enjoyable for every fan of the genre.

New Science Fiction

Freeman Teens Read

We always have a great conversation in our monthly Freeman Teens Read program and yesterday’s event was no exception! We had several excellent recommendations from our local teens:

Ghosts & Hauntings

ghost treesHalloween is this weekend! I hope you have your costumes all picked out and ready to go and your candy routes planned and memorized. What better way to celebrate the season than with a creepy tale of ghosts or hauntings? What will you be reading?

Mer’s Ghost & Haunting Picks

Freeman Teen Advisory Board

stuffed monkeyAre you opinionated? Are you creative? Do you want to earn volunteer hours? Do you like food? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re the perfect candidate for the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). Our next meeting is Monday, October 25th at 4:30 pm in the second floor Conference Room.
What exactly is TAB, you might ask? The Freeman TAB provides an excellent leadership opportunity to local teens, who provide input on Library programming and events, Library materials, and marketing. TAB members also participate in special volunteer and community-oriented projects.
Questions? Call the Library at 281-488-1906 and talk with Ash or Meredith, leave us a comme

2010 Teens’ Top Ten Announced!

book loveThe Teens’ Top Ten is an annual list of great books nominated by and voted for by US teens. This year’s list was just announced today and there are so many great reads included! What have you read on the list? What do you plan to read?

2010 Teens’ Top Ten

Teen Read Week: Books with Beat

books with beat logoJoin us in celebrating Teen Read Week, October 17th through October 23rd. Teen Read week is an annual celebration of reading for fun and entertainment. You can celebrate Teen Read Week: Books with Beat by reading poetry, books about music, or anything you enjoy or listening to audio books. You can also join us in the Teen Zone to celebrate with special Teen Read Week Events!
Monday, October 18 – Movies With Beat @ 4:30 pm
Join us for a snacks, drinks, and creepy musical!
Tuesday, October 19 – Recycled CD Crafts @ 4:30 pm

New Horror Reads for Teens

pumpkin violenceWith Halloween approaching, I have been in the mood for something creepy.

What is the Truth, Really?: Unreliable Narrators

you lie by banksyHave you ever read a book or watched a movie and you felt like the main character or narrator was leading you astray? It could be that the narrator is trying to explain a situation out of his depth; the narrator could be suffering from a psychological disorder or illness that affects her judgment; the narrator could be a pathological liar or maybe the narrator just does not want us to truly know what is going on. In English class you’d call these folks unreliable narrators. They might not be out-and-out liars, but they certainly can make the truth not so easy to uncover. What have you read with an unreliable narrator?

Mer’s Unreliable Narrator Picks:


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