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Free Princeton Review SAT Practice Exam

pencil & paperAre you getting ready to take the SAT or PSAT and want a little practice before the big day comes? On Saturday, September 11th @ 11:00 AM join the Princeton Review @ the Freeman Branch for a FREE SAT Practice Exam. This is a two-part program, with a scores-back session on the following Saturday (September 18) so that you can review your scores, see what areas need improvement, and get some helpful test-taking strategies. Registration is required, so come visit us @ the Library, give us a call, e-mail me, or leave us a comment.

Labor Day & After-School Jobs

work stationWith the new school year in full swing, many of us have bid farewell to our summer jobs, but others of us have changed our hours so we can go to school during the day and still make some spending money in after-school jobs. There are some great teen books that feature working in some capacity. So whether you have to work this Labor Day weekend or have the weekend free to curl up with a good book, you might grab one of these.

Mer’s Labor Day/After-School Job Picks:


Freeman Teen Advisory Board

Uncle Sam: We Want You!Are you in 6th-12th Grade? Are you looking for volunteer hours? Are you opinionated? If so, we want you to join our Freeman Teen Advisory Board! Our next meeting is Monday, August 30th @ 4:30 pm. Stop on by and let your voice be heard! Be a teen leader and help plan library programs or help work on special volunteer projects.
Flickr CC: Uncle Sam Photo by: AJC1

Grief & Loss

dying flowerRecently it seems as though I’ve read many books about grief and loss. It is very difficult to articulate the loss of someone close to you, whether a friend or family member. Loss can make you feel as though a part of yourself has also departed. Just knowing that someone else has gone through something similar can make you feel better and less alone. Even if you haven’t suffered the loss of someone close to you, if you enjoy something heart wrenching or thought-provoking, these titles make for good reading.

On My 'To Read' Pile...

bookstackI have so many books checked out right now just waiting to be read. They’re all sitting by my desk at home, calling out to me with their beautiful covers and promises of wonderful stories. What do you have on your ‘to read’ pile?

Mer’s Current ‘To Read’ Pile: 

Effortlessly Cool

converse red roseI’ve always been a little awed by people who seem so effortlessly cool. They can wear that $2 thrift store shirt and make it look like a million bucks. They know the hippest coffee shops; they listen to bands I’ve never heard of; and they live on a mainstay of cult classic movies, books, and TV shows. I’ve put together a list of books that strike me as effortlessly cool. If these books were people they’d be more chic than skinny jeans and smart enough to finish a cross-word puzzle in pen. 

Mer’s Hip Picks:

weetzie bat bookjacket

AP & Pre-AP Summer Reading Discussion Groups

thinking & readingAugust 9th - August 18th  Are you or someone you know going to be taking AP or Pre-AP Language Arts or Social Studies this upcoming Fall?  At Freeman, we've got you covered.  Join us for student and group-led discussions of the required summer reading to help get yourself in gear for the school year (and enjoy some snacks while you're at it)!

Boarding Schools = Bizarre Happenings

plaid skirt comboWith the beginning of school fast approaching, I got to thinking about all the books I’ve read in the past couple of years that feature boarding schools. I, as a strictly public school gal, never had the private or boarding school experience. Based entirely on totally unscientific data and on the young adult fiction I’ve read, you might come to expect some fairly bizarre, a little bit crazy, life-threatening, and/or supernatural occurrences. What are your favorite boarding school reads?

Mer’s Bizarre Boarding School Picks:


End of the Teen SRP Party!

balloonsThis Friday, August 6th @ 2:30 pm we will be celebrating the end of the Teen Summer Reading Program for 2010!! We will have food, music, games, crafts, prizes, and more! Haven’t signed up yet for SRP? You still have time left to log your books or minutes.
Flickr CCBalloons Photo by: Crystl

Freeman Teens Read

televisionWe always have a great time discussing our favorite books, movies, TV shows, games and music in our Freeman Teens Read club and today was no exception! Check out what Freeman teens recommend:
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