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Want More Avengers?

The Avengers movie is a big hit at the box office and shall continue being successful as we inch into summer! There is hints to a sequel in the works but why wait another year when you can check out Avengers titles from your library?

The library has many Avengers graphic novels available at your finger tip! Check out our online catalog or start off with one of these:

Avengers Origins Avengers

Every Day is Free Comic Book Day at your library!

Did you know Saturday, May 5th, is Free Comic Book Day? Comic Book shops across the nation participate in this day to bring new faces to their businesses and inspire new readers. This is a great chance to receive a free and cool book; but don't forget your library also has graphic novels available for free (as long as you return them back on time!). Stop by the library to browse the shelves or search our catalog to see what own system-wide.

Drawing Comics

Do you appreciate graphic novels for their illustrative quality? Do you have a knack for drawing too?

Consider honing your skills with the library's collection of drawing manuals; go even further with our cartooning manuals!

Listed below are just highlights of our collection. Be sure to check out the online catalog for more titles!

Before Watchmen

WatchmenWatchmen fans will be excited to know a prequel series is expected to be released later this year! Before Watchmen is a collection of 7 miniseries with stories and illustrations done by various individuals including Brian Azzarello and Darwyn Cooke.

New Year, New Tokyopop?

TokyopopLast year brought many tears to lovers of Tokyopop, a manga publisher that stopped production in late Spring.

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die

1001 ComicsIt may surprise you to know that graphic novels have been around longer than your typical super hero or Sunday comics. A new book to our library collection is 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die. By the same folks who brought you 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die and others, this book is filled with classic treasures ranging a variety of subjects and illustrative styles. Titles are ordered by publication date and date back as early as 1837.

Best Graphic Novels for Children

At Your Library, a public awareness campaign for public libraries, recently published “The Best Graphic Novel for Children.”
The list is filled with recommendations for reluctant readers and those who enjoy illustrated reads. Not only do these titles encourage reading, they can serve as supplemental teaching aides on topics such as history and literature.

Below are highlights from the list by grade level. Click here to see the full list of books!

Grades K-12

Mood Brighteners at the Library

Did you know October is Emotional Wellness Month? There is enough blood and gore as we near Halloween so why not pick up some illustrated goodies to brighten your day?

The following books are sure to give you a smile and laugh! Originally published as strips in various newspapers, the library owns many collections printed in book form.

Back to School Graphic Novels

School is back in session and it is time to hit the books once again.
Whether you find school boring and need a break or miss those youthful years, check out these graphic novels that are sure to entertain.

Vampire Classic Goes Graphic

Many may think the vampire craze is new (and waning); however, the master of Vampire Lit Anne Rice will be adding her Vampire Chronicles to the graphic novel family!

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