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Banned Books Week: Challenged Graphic Novels

Now through Saturday, October 6th is Banned Books Week, a yearly event that celebrates the freedom to read. Over the years, many books, including graphic novels, have been challenged, due to sensitive topics or what some individuals consider inappropriate content. The library aims to provide a cornucopia of titles, ranging from all subjects, without censorship.

Listed below are challenged graphic novels. For more information about these challenged titles and other books, visit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and go to Resources, Banned Comics, then Banned & Challenged Comics. Check one out and see what you think!

Back to School Reads for Teens

As promised, listed below are Back to School graphic novels reads geared towards teens. The titles are a mix of humorous and serious titles, old and new. Check one out!

Back to School Graphic Novels for Children

Once again, school is back in session! What better way to channel a studious state of mind than with school reads! Listed below are back to school graphic novel reads for children. These titles are suitable for ages 12 and under and are sure to bring a smile. Stay tuned for titles suitable for teens later this month!

Blood Drive at Kingwood Library

Blood DonorDo you want to contribute to your community but not sure how? Consider saving a life by donating blood!

On Monday, September 10, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be on-site to collect blood donations. The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Coach will be parked in our lot from 3-6 PM. Registration is strongly recommended and certain restrictions apply. For information on eligibility to donate and registration, please visit 

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Read Comics in Public Day

Did you know August 28 is Read Comics in Public Day? Whether you’re a longstanding fan of illustrated reads or a novice, the library has a title for you! Be sure to participate on August 28 and show your comic book pride!

Here are a few fast reads worth your time. Some titles below were pulled from Paste Magazine and Time:

The Dark Knight at your library

Many are raving about the newest Batman movie currently in theaters. Whether you’re waiting to see the movie or can’t get enough, we have just the treat for you!
The library has a variety Batman graphic novels to suit your fancy. Listed below are highlights from our collection. Check out our catalog for more or visit your local library.

Before The Hunger Games

Battle Royale 1 Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy and the movie adaptation have been a huge success! While you are waiting for the next movie to come out or for your hold to be filled, we have a treat for you! 

Want More Avengers?

The Avengers movie is a big hit at the box office and shall continue being successful as we inch into summer! There is hints to a sequel in the works but why wait another year when you can check out Avengers titles from your library?

The library has many Avengers graphic novels available at your finger tip! Check out our online catalog or start off with one of these:

Avengers Origins Avengers

Every Day is Free Comic Book Day at your library!

Did you know Saturday, May 5th, is Free Comic Book Day? Comic Book shops across the nation participate in this day to bring new faces to their businesses and inspire new readers. This is a great chance to receive a free and cool book; but don't forget your library also has graphic novels available for free (as long as you return them back on time!). Stop by the library to browse the shelves or search our catalog to see what own system-wide.

Drawing Comics

Do you appreciate graphic novels for their illustrative quality? Do you have a knack for drawing too?

Consider honing your skills with the library's collection of drawing manuals; go even further with our cartooning manuals!

Listed below are just highlights of our collection. Be sure to check out the online catalog for more titles!

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