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Bestsellers in Manga

The bestsellers list of graphic novels comes from The New York Times. Listed below are highlighted series recommended from the The New York Times' manga bestsellers.

Bestsellers in Graphic Novels

The bestsellers list of graphic novels comes from The New York Times. Listed below are highlights listed from the source and include new releases and older paperback editions.

Hispanic Heritage @ Your Library

September 15th is the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and runs through mid-October. During this time, we honor the independence of the following Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile with cultural and festive programs.

Listed below are highlighted events for the weeks to come. The programs below do not require registration or tickets. To see our full calendar of Hispanic Heritage programs, click here.

Hispanic Heritage Festival 2008

Tuesday, 9/15

Back to School

Although most schools begin in August, September is associated with back-to-school topics and trends. Do you lack motivation to go back to school or need a little spark in your day? This week's post highlights graphic novels with high school themes, including reality and fantasy environments. Although you may not enjoy the ho-hum of school life, you may be interested in living vicariously through the novels listed below.

4th Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival @ HCPL

Harris County Public Library invites you to North Channel Library on Saturday, September 26th from 10am-2pm for our 4th Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival!

To start off the festivities, we will have a puppet show inside the library then we will move the party outside next to the library. We will have mariachis, folkloric dancers, the Fiesta Party van, food, crafts, and more!

If you are interested in attending, check out slideshow from the 2008 festival! 


Together at Last

I am happy to announce that all three volumes of Jeff Lemire's Essex County is available for checkout at HCPL!

Essex County is an acclaimed series about a group of individuals who live in Ontario, Canada. Although each volume focuses on a different individual in a different time, they are all interconnected even if they know it or not. This is a perfect read for those who enjoy "slice-of-life" stories. Apart from the strong plot and dialogue, Lemire's illustrations are truly unique and captive of the story's tone.

Click on the images below to see the catalog record and make an online request.

Graphic Novel Adaptations of Classic Reads

Do you have a hard time wrapping your mind around classic novels? For your enjoyment (and supplemental education), we own a number of classic novels in graphic novel form! Although I wouldn't recommend replacing your required reading of these novels with the graphic adaptations (sad, I know), it may help as supplemental reading. I also recommend these for those who are in need of a refresher of said classics.

Listed below are a few highlights of what we own. Click here for more classic novels in graphic form.

Hurricane Preparedness @ Your Library

Throughout September, the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will visit each library to discuss Hurricace Preparedness.

Houston is a major hub for hurricane happenings; do not get caught unprepared. In these hour long presentations, you will learn basic key steps to ensure you and your loved ones safety in case of hurricane emergencies. There will also be time for question and answers after the presentation.

The scheduled programs are listed below in order of date. Clicking on the branch location of your choice will direct you to the library's page with their address amd contact information.

Tuesday, 9/1

Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library: 10:30 AM

LaPorte Branch Library: 10:30 AM

Bestsellers in Manga

As promsed in last week's post, I highlighted selections listed in The New York Times' Graphic Novels Bestsellers List. Listed below are popular graphic novels in the Manga genre. I also included links to multiple series' anime counterparts (if available) for your enjoyment.

Bleach 1

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