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Countdown to the Holidays

It's that time of the year when you start thinking about the different holidays that are fast approaching.  In order to help you plan for some of them, the library has a new display of books, "Countdown to the Holidays," for you to browse.  Please take a look on your next visit to the library and you should find some books that will be helpful to planning for the festive season.  If you do not find the information you need, please ask us to interlibrary loan some titles for you.  Happy Holidays and Reading!

Chilling Chapters

Are looking for some stories to chill your bones and make your hair stand up?  Then you should browse one of our latest displays featuring titles that can do just that--"Chilling Chapters."  So to scare up a good read, checkout some of these books and give yourself a good old-fashioned hair-raising read!  Happy Reading!

DIY Halloween Crafts

Are you thinking about finding some exciting and fun crafts for Halloween?  Then, look no further than your library!  We have a new display of craft books just right for Halloween--"DIY Halloween Crafts."  Please browse these books on your next visit to the library and you should find some great ideas to try.  Happy Reading!

Celebrating Firefighters

Among the many community helpers who serve their fellow citizens are firefighters.  Without their commitment to service, our lives would not be as safe.  So, please help us to celebrate our gallant and heroic firefighters by browsing our new display, "Celebrating Firefighters," and checking out some books to take and share with family and friends.  Happy Reading!

Batman Celebration

Calling all Batman fans!  Please join us this Saturday, September 26, as we celebrate the career of the legendary Caped Crusader.  Activities and snacks will be part of the celebration event which will be in the library's meeting room at 2:00 PM.  Costuming is welcome.  See you in the library batcave for fun and food! 

Lunar Reading @ Your Library

Want to learn more about the moon?  Would you like to read stories featuring the moon?  Then browse the library's latest display of books, "Lunar Reading."  You will find a selection of titles about the moon that can educate and entertain.  Please check them out on your next visit to the library and take some to share with family and friends.  Happy Reading!

Celebrating Grandparents

Mother's Day is celebrated in May and Father's Day in June.  But what about Grandparents?  That is celebrated in September and this year falls on Sunday, September 13.  To help you celebrate Grandparents Day we have a new display of children's picture books for you to check out and share with family and friends.  Please browse this selection on your next visit to the library.  Happy Reading!

Back to School

It seems just like yesterday that school was out for the summer and there were lots of days with no homework and fun activities ahead.  But now summer is winding down and the start of school is just around the corner.  The library has a new display of picture books about going to school--"Back to School."  Please browse the selection on your next visit to the library and check some out to read and share.  Happy Reading!

Internet Safety Class

Are you safe on the Internet?  Are your children safe when using the Internet?  Learn to make sure you and your family are using the correct safety precautions while surfing the Internet.  Learn to avoid scams and how to set secure passwords and pin numbers, and more.  This free interactive class will be on Monday, August 10, at 4:00 PM in the library meeting room.  Register for the class by calling the library at 713-466-4438 and learn how to be safe on the Internet. 

Captain America's All American Reading Show

Save the date!  On Friday, August 7, at 3:00 pm the Fairbanks Branch Library is proud to host the Captain America's All American Reading Show.  He will talk about reading and his super hero friends as well as astound you with some cool technology  So, please join us for fun and games with Captain America in the meeting room of the library.  See you there!.

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