This Friday - TGIF Programs - Gardening Day with Master Gardener Chris Hammen!

TGIF Programs proudly hosts Master Gardener Chris Hammen on Friday, February 03 at 10:30 AM in the Marge Jacobson Community Room. Ms. Hammen will talk about tomato, pepper, and container gardening.

This free event requires no registration. The Friends of Freeman Library provide refreshments and support for all TGIF Programs. Please contact the Clear Lake City - County Freeman Branch Library by visiting 16616 Diana Lane, Houston, TX 77062 or calling 832-927-5420 for further information.

Adult & Technology Services This February!


Adults - Check out what all Adult & Technology Services has planned this February at your library! Click on the following link to download your own copy.

TGIF Programs Tech Q&A Series Returns Friday Morning!

Adults - The TGIF Programs Tech Q&A Series Returns Friday Morning @ 10:30! Let's talk about the technology issues concerning you! People from Freeman Library will be here to address questions about desktops/laptops, smartphones, digital tablets, HCPL eMedia, and more.

Refreshments for all TGIF Programs events are provided by the Friends of Freeman Library. Please contact the Clear Lake City - County Freeman Branch Library at 16616 Diana Lane, Houston, TX 77062 or at (832) 927-5420 for further information.

Ready Reference

This collection is comprised of sources, in addition to Google searches, used by the eBranch staff to answer questions submitted to Ask a Librarian. There are a few duplications of sources found elsewhere on this site.

Can you send me an obituary?

Unfortunately, the Harris County Public Library does not have the Houston Chronicle or the Houston Press on microfilm and we are therefore unable to provide obituaries.  Our neighboring system, the Houston Public Library does have both of these newspapers on microfilm. Like Harris County Public Library, they have an email reference service.

I am writing a paper, how do I do the bibliography?

There are several guides online for the different bibliography formats:

I want to do genealogical research, where can I do that?

The Harris County Public Library has basic information on beginning genealogy research including two genealogy databases. For more in depth information or help, please contact the Clayton Library – Center for Genealogical Research, a branch of the Houston Public Library.

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