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Selecting titles for the Digital Media Catalog.

Since title selection is such an important factor in the success of the HCPL Digital Media Catalog, I thought it would be good to talk about the factors I use in determining whether or not to purchase a title.

Ponderign the titles.

Each Monday I look at every title that was added to our vendor for digital titles catalog within the previous 7 days.  Most of the time there are thousands of new titles to look through.  I then pick out the ones I am interested in and add them to my monthly orders. 


If there are any title suggestions I have not looked at, I look through them as well.  When it is time to place the order, I go through my cart and start taking out titles in order to get the final cart to within the budgeted amount I can spend that month.

Digital Media Catalog Now Available to Kindle Users!

Kindle now available

Kindle is here!  As of this morning, you can now checkout and download 5400 of our eBooks to the Kindle!

Coming Soon Features For Our Mobile App Users

First let me apologize for the delay in getting the previously mentioned eBooks into the system.   There was an unforeseen delay that was out of our control.  It should be completed soon.  The new August titles may meet the same unforeseen delay.

I was recently at our vendor's convention for eBooks and they mentioned a few features they are working on.  They may be up by the end of the year, but their main focus is in getting the Kindle up and running.  They would not state the date that the Kindle will be able to use our service, but they did stress that it will be VERY SOON.

Where are the classics in the HCPL Digital Media Catalog?

Want to read a classic on your eReader but can’t find it in our digital catalog?  Try looking in the Project Gutenberg section of our Digital Media Catalog!


To find the classics in eBook format, first go to the HCPL Digital Media catalog at: http://hcpl.lib.overdrive.com/

Overdrive App Update!



The Overdrive app for the Android, Blackberry and Apple devices has been updated to allow you to return EPUB eBook titles early straight from the app. 


I tested it on an Android device and was confused at first.  In order to return the title, select "delete" from the menu.  You will then be given the option to "return and delete" or "Delete but not return" the title.


Great news!

A Small Update for Kindle users.

Some great news for Kindle users was announced this week!

 Amazon released a press release stating that they are going to allow the Kindle to work with our eBook titles on the Digital Media Catalog later this year.

 Here is a link to the press release.


We will update you again as soon as we know more!

A Note for Google Chrome Users of the Digital Catalog.

Some of our customers who use Google Chrome as their main browser may be seeing a message on our digital site that says that the site is down for maintenance. 

 It appears that the browser may not be refreshing our digital site like it should as it was only down for maintenance a few hours.

 You are welcome to try this fix to see if it resolves the issue.

 First, open the browser and click on the wrench icon in the upper right.  Hover your mouse over “Tools” from the dropdown menu.  In the new menu that opens up to the left, select “Clear Browsing Data.”



An Important Change in the HCPL Digital Media Catalog

Due to recently implemented licensing restrictions imposed upon libraries by electronic book providers and the Library’s budgetary issues, access to HCPL’s Digital Media Catalog will be limited to Harris County Public Library card holders only, starting Monday, March 7, 2011.    Digital Media Library customers who are currently using a Montgomery County Memorial Library System library card to check out digital materials will have two options for accessing HCPL’s downloadable content after March 7th:

Digital Media Catalog Tip: Returning eBooks Early!


While you unfortunately cannot return eAudio titles in early, did you know that you are able to return eBooks early?

 Library View is highlighted in the red box.

 To return an eBook early, you will need to use Adobe Digital Editions.  In Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to click on "library View" icon which is located in the top left corner of the program.



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