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For additional help, please go to the following website: Overdrive Help

Using the Overdrive Read format on a portable device.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

The Overdrive Read format allows you to read an eBook in the browser of your portable device without needing any extra software or Adobe IDs.  For the Kindle Fire, you will also not be directed to finish the checkout through Amazon.  Please note that the Overdrive Read format works on most Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and Android devices (Android phones, tablets, Kindle Fire etc), as well as portable devices based on Windows (Windows phones and tablets).  It is not compatible with standard dedicated eReaders such as the basic Nook and basic Kindle models.

In order to use this format, please follow these instructions.

1.  Go to the HCPL Digital Media Catalog located at

Returning eBooks Early in the Overdrive App - Apple Devices

Apple Return EarlyTo return the title early, or to delete it from the device, make sure you are in the “Bookshelf” screen.  Press and hold on the book jacket of the title to return.  Three options should pop up on the bottom of the book jacket.  Select “return” to return and delete it

The October digital titles are up!

I just wanted to update you that new title were added to the Digital Media Catalog late last week.  Below are a few of the titles added.

New eAudio  

Apple iOS 5 will not transfer WMA eAudio to the Apple devices.

To all Apple users.  Please be advised that something must have changed in the way iTunes works with  iOS 5.  After updating to the iOS 5 for Apple products, you will no longer be able to transfer WMA formatted titles to your device from the Overdrive Media Console.

Normally the Overdrive Media Console uses iTunes to convert the file into something it can use.  Something more than likely changed in the iOS 5 update and now the Overdrive Media Console can no longer use iTunes to convert the files.  Our developers are working on the issue and their response about the issue is below.

MP3 formatted titles should still work as normal.  We will update you here as soon as we know this is fixed.


What formats can I check out and download to my Apple device?

On the HCPL Digital Media Catalog, the only eBook formats that will work on the Apple devices are the “EPUB” and “Kindle” formats.  The “PDF” format will not work on the Apple Device.

If you wish to listen to eAudio on the Apple device using the Overdrive App, the only compatible format is the “MP3” eAudio.  The “WMA” format will not work on the Apple device when using the Overdrive App.

If you are able to transfer the eAudio title to the Apple device using a Windows computer, you can transfer both the “WMA” and “MP3”formats. 

From a Mac computer, only the MP3 format can be transferred.  The “WMA” format cannot be transferred from a Mac computer.

Downloading library books to your Apple Device using the Overdrive App.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

Installing the Overdrive App

The first thing you will need to do is install the Overdrive App from the Apple “App Store”.  On your device’s home screen, you should see a blue icon with a circle and an “A” formed by a pencil, pen and a line.  It is for the “App Store.”

Once in the app store, you should see a search box in the upper right.  In the search box, type in “Overdrive Media Console.”  You should see Overdrive listed in the results box that drops down below the search area.  Select this.

Selecting titles for the Digital Media Catalog.

Since title selection is such an important factor in the success of the HCPL Digital Media Catalog, I thought it would be good to talk about the factors I use in determining whether or not to purchase a title.

Ponderign the titles.

Each Monday I look at every title that was added to our vendor for digital titles catalog within the previous 7 days.  Most of the time there are thousands of new titles to look through.  I then pick out the ones I am interested in and add them to my monthly orders. 


If there are any title suggestions I have not looked at, I look through them as well.  When it is time to place the order, I go through my cart and start taking out titles in order to get the final cart to within the budgeted amount I can spend that month.

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