General Errors

Apple iOS 5 will not transfer WMA eAudio to the Apple devices.

To all Apple users.  Please be advised that something must have changed in the way iTunes works with  iOS 5.  After updating to the iOS 5 for Apple products, you will no longer be able to transfer WMA formatted titles to your device from the Overdrive Media Console.

Normally the Overdrive Media Console uses iTunes to convert the file into something it can use.  Something more than likely changed in the iOS 5 update and now the Overdrive Media Console can no longer use iTunes to convert the files.  Our developers are working on the issue and their response about the issue is below.

MP3 formatted titles should still work as normal.  We will update you here as soon as we know this is fixed.


A Note for Google Chrome Users of the Digital Catalog.

Some of our customers who use Google Chrome as their main browser may be seeing a message on our digital site that says that the site is down for maintenance. 

 It appears that the browser may not be refreshing our digital site like it should as it was only down for maintenance a few hours.

 You are welcome to try this fix to see if it resolves the issue.

 First, open the browser and click on the wrench icon in the upper right.  Hover your mouse over “Tools” from the dropdown menu.  In the new menu that opens up to the left, select “Clear Browsing Data.”



An Important Change in the HCPL Digital Media Catalog

Due to recently implemented licensing restrictions imposed upon libraries by electronic book providers and the Library’s budgetary issues, access to HCPL’s Digital Media Catalog will be limited to Harris County Public Library card holders only, starting Monday, March 7, 2011.    Digital Media Library customers who are currently using a Montgomery County Memorial Library System library card to check out digital materials will have two options for accessing HCPL’s downloadable content after March 7th:

Transfer error: User not activated.

Your device may not be authorized to the same Adobe ID that was used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions. Please follow these steps to re-authorize your device.

The requested license is either invalid or already acquired.

The error message usually indicates that the temporary license file (.odm file) that initially downloads has expired.

If this file is not opened within OverDrive Media Console within a few hours, it will become invalid. Please check the following and try downloading this audiobook again from your online account.

1. Check that the system time, date, and time zone are correct on your PC. Because of the time sensitive nature of the download, if the time is off by even a few hours, this could cause the error reported.

2. Clear your browser's Temporary Internet Files or cache. This will clear out the previous download attempt.

Error 0x80070057 - Error 0xC00D2751 and Error 0xC00D2781

To fix this Error, you will need to reset the DRM component that is used to download and play the WMA files.

In Windows XP and Windows 2000:

When I download an audiobook title, nothing happens.

If you have not yet downloaded and installed OverDrive Media Console, click here to download OverDrive Media Console:

If you have installed OverDrive Media Console, you may need to adjust your computer's file associations. File associations tell a computer which program should be used to open a file.

The steps taken to set file associations for the ODM file type vary by operating system.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista…

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