Jerry Pinkney Wins Caldecott


The Randolph Caldecott Medal is awarded annually to the illustrator of the most distinguished American picture book for children.  The Lion & the Mouse illustrated and written by Jerry Pinkney is the 2010 Caldecott Medal winner.




Award Season

The awards season is here! And, I’m not talking about television and movies… books are getting their own awards! Winners have been announced for the Caldecott Medal, the Newberry Medal and our own local Bluebonnets and 2X2 Reading Lists have arrived. Are you curious about each one? Look below for a short description on children’s literature awards.

New Year, New Routines!

Start something new in 2010 and make library visits a weekly habit! January is a great month to try out new things. Your library has a lot of fun, free, and educational programs for kids of all ages.* With new books coming in all of the time, there is always something to read. Take advantage of our free wireless and Internet access. Meet new people and have fun! So, get out to your local library and make 2010 a fantastic year!

*Make sure to check the Events Calendar for your library’s programs.

All-Time Classic Comics: Garfield

In 2008, the worldly popular comic series by Jim Davis, Garfield, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Although you might not have read the series, you most likely are familiar with the mischeivous and lazy orange feline.

Here is a timeline of major events for the beloved series (more facts can be seen here): 

1978- Garfield first debuts in 41 newspapers

1980- The first book, Garfield at Large,  is published and is on the New York Times' bestseller list.

1982- Here Comes Garfield airs on television

Adventure to and Fantastic (and Colorful) New Worlds!

Adventure to New Worlds
You have nothing to lose but your boredom. 

Celebrate Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa begins December 26th and ends on January 1st.   

Holiday Fun

Want to sing some seasonal songs with your kids, but don’t want to rely on traditional Christmas carols? Maybe you missed your own library’s holiday themed storytime, but wish you knew a few songs or activities to do with your kids over the next couple of weeks? Just look below for a list of songs and activities you can do at home to celebrate the holiday season!



What to read over the holidays

So you've got some free time coming over the holidays--how about reading some of the contenders for the Newbery Medal? Then when the winner is announced - you can say "oh, yeah, I've read that already."  These three seem to be showing up on just about every list I've seen:

evollution of calpurnia tate   when you reach me   where the mountain meets the moon

Holiday Stress Buster: Paper Crafts

Tis the season to be jolly, not be broke!
Here is a simple list of paper crafts you can do to de-stress, save a few dollars, and be green. As you can see from the photo below, I took a poster (actually 2 posters) to make bows and an envelope. If you have an old magazine lying around, check out the tutorials below to see how you can re-fashion it to something new. This is also an excellent craft to do with kids and teens. Also, check out the books below for other eco-friendly and simple crafts to do for the holidays and year-round.

Before and After

Happy Hanukkah



 Hanukkah begins on this Friday at sundown. If you are looking for items to read this season,  I currently have a display of Hanukkah books in the children's area.  Feel free to stop by and check out our collection.  You can also order books online and have them sent to your community library. This is a free service. 

Growing up, my family had a tradition of making gifts for one another during the holidays.  The projects that my Mom and I made together are some of my best childhood memories.  There are all kinds of art & craft books for children in the library, including those for Hanukkah.   

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