Books as Art, pt 2

More watercolors. Another of my favorite artists is Marc Simont.

He won the Caldecott medal in 1957 for A Tree is Nice. All the pictures in this book are not in color. It was too expensive back then to do every picture in color, so publishers just printed every other spread in color when they made picture books.

Book Club Mania

I love Book Clubs! (In fact, my own personal book club meets for our monthly meeting this weekend!) I'm sure you're thinking, "Well, of course you love book clubs! You're a librarian!" But, you don't have to work in a library to enjoy book clubs. I promise, there is something fun and entertaining about gathering with a group of friends and peers and discussing books. (And, it doesn't have to be a novel! You can discuss anything ranging from biographies to graphic novels.) Don't feel like the discussions need to be like you are sitting in your reading or English class. Book groups aren't meant to understand the symbolic meaning of that word found on page 55. (Does that sound like your English class?!) Instead, book talk discussions can just be why you like (or dislike) the book. Book clubs should be relaxing and fun!

Squirrel Tales

You’ve read the facts. Now just for fun, here are some satisfying squirrel stories:

October is Squirrel Awareness Month

Squirrel Tails Tales for Young Readers

Books as art, part 1

So. Today's entry is about one of my favorite artists: Hiroe Nakata. She illustrates with watercolors. Sometimes she also uses gouache (which is basically a thicker watercolor) or ink.

Most of the characters she paints are humans, but she's done three duck books.

duck skates Are those ducks cute, or what?

Unearth the Excitement of Books @ Your Library

Learning about the mighty machines can be fun for both boys and girls.


Squirrel Awareness Alert! – The Facts You Should Know

October is Squirrel Awareness Month

October is Squirrel Awareness Month. Honestly, it is. It’s also Spinach Lovers Month, and I mean no disrespect for spinach lovers, but you won’t see any of them hopping from tree to tree or gliding across your back yard at night.  So, I will do my best to make your aware of squirrels.  Because when you see one outside you know they are aware of you.

Uno, Dos, Tres Maracas!


Shake, Shake, Shake!!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your kids by making some music with homemade maracas. With just a few simple supplies (most are common household products), you and your child can be shaking along with any song! Here are the steps to making maracas:

Fall Into Books!

It’s my favorite season of the year! Summer is over and fall has arrived! It is a wonderful season – full of warm colors, crisp weather, cute costumes, and giving thanks. Fall is a time to watch (and play) some football, wear homemade scarves, and eat yummy apple pies. One of my favorite fall activities is to sit outside on a perfect fall day – that would mean it is a sunny day, a slight crisp breeze blowing through the trees and about 55 degrees – with my knitted blanket keeping me warm and then read a good book. Here are some fall-tastic books to get you ready for season!

When Autumn Falls

Picture Books for Big Kids, part 2

I totally forgot to list two of my absolute favorite picture books (for big kids. Some of my favorite picture books *are* for little kids). Me and My Cat? is not very long, but its humor just won't be fully appreciated by little people.

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