Holiday Greetings

Christmas TreeWhen Santa greeted us at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday, the holiday season officially commenced. I have to admit, December is my favorite month. There are so many wonderful celebrations. From Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa to the winter solstice, the month is filled with all kinds of traditions. I’m sure each family has their own unique traditions, and I’d like to pass on one of my own family’s Christmas traditions.

a few of my favorite books

So. I have lots of favorite books. But today I will just talk about, oh, maybe my top three all time favorites. (these have been favorites since I was a kid, I have other favorites which are more recent)

     an old fashioned girl    Over and Over

Pop! Pop!

During the holiday season many families celebrate with food.  Have you ever considered the history of the food you eat,  or where it comes from?  Popcorn is one of my favorite foods.  The books below have fun fact about corn and popcorn.  For example, did you know that popcorn was discovered by the Indians? If you read, Corn is Maize: the gift of the Indians  you will learn how they cooked the popcorn. Hint: They didn't use a microwave or stove.



Giving Thanks

What makes you thankful?Thanksgiving is only a few days away now. What makes you feel thankful? Is it time off from school, or seeing somebody in your family that lives far away? Or is it all about the pie? It might make it a happier holiday if you take a few minutes to make a list.

Discover Magazines!

Stack of MagazinesMagazines are great ways to pass time while waiting for appointments, airplanes, or grocery lines. As an adult, I love bringing magazines with me everywhere. You can read quick articles, look at fun pictures, and maybe even do a crossword puzzle. But, don’t forget that children’s magazines offer all of the same distractions! Children love the glossy pages and fun (and usually informational) articles presented in different magazines. With the holidays quickly coming, parents might be looking for great ways to entertain their children during hectic travel schedules. Check out a magazine!

Native American Heritage Month

Since the early 1990s November has been proclaimed a month to celebrate the history and contributions of the original inhabitants of what is now the United States.

Happy Birthday Neil Gaiman

Today is critically acclaimed author and Dream King, Neil Gaiman's birthday. He is a literary "Jack of all Trades" with works in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic novels, Horror, children's literature, and so on.  Listed below are some picks from "the most accomplished and influential figure in modern comics as well as one of the most gifted of contemporary fantasists." Click here to see all Gaiman's work in our catalog.

Many of his works are adapted from novels to illustrated books and to movies so look out for extra links for other adaptations.

Graphic Novels

Spotlight on Bill Martin, Jr.

Bill Martin, Jr.Bill Martin, Jr. is one my favorite children’s authors. People are most familiar with his well loved book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? But, Bill Martin, Jr. has many other great reads that kids just love. One thing that makes the author perfect for children’s literature is his emphasis on basic children’s concepts: colors, letters and numbers. He has also teamed up with many innovative illustrators such as Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert. With his rhyming text and vivid illustrations, many of Bill Martin, Jr. books have quickly become children’s classics. Check out some Bill Martin, Jr. books today!

Bluebonnet List Announced

 2010 - 2011 Texas Bluebonnet Award Books

This weekend, the 2010 - 2011 Texas Bluebonnet Award list was announced.  I have already requested several of the items, and you can too.  Remember, if you don't know how to place a item on hold, you can ask any library staff member for help.  We will walk you through the process, or place the hold for you.  Enjoy!

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