Yo Ho Ho!

School’s just started and already you’re thinking of running away to sea to get away from it all?              

Girl Detective, Hard-Boiled Variety

What do you do when you’re playing with your grandmother’s binoculars, looking out the window at the hotel across the street and you see a burglary in progress—wait, don’t answer yet—and the burglar looks up and sees you watching him?

Spotlights @ Your Library

A great way to find new books is to check out your library’s book displays. Displays highlight authors, themes, new purchases, award winners, or anything else the librarians think their customers would like to read.  Here at the Freeman Library in Clear Lake City, we have monthly displays advertising a wide range of topics. Each person in the children’s department is responsible for a book display that changes each month! This month, the librarians have chosen to exhibit books discussing animals, the solar systems, board books, and much, much more! Make sure to look at your own library’s displays. What is your library showcasing this month?

If you could have your own children's book display, what would your theme be? We'd love to hear your suggestions! And, you never know... maybe your display will show up at your own library!

September/October Issue of the Kids Newsletter

The September/October 2009 Issue of the Kids Newsletter is now available!  This issue features interviews with Miss Chrissy of the Tomball College & Community Library and Mr. D of the LaPorte Community Library. 

The Kids Newsletter is published every other month and features articles about children's programming at Harris County Public Library along with staff interviews and a list of new children's books and audio we have added to our collections.

Back to School!

For most districts located within the Harris County Public Library system, school starts in the next two weeks. After a summer of swimming, playing, and hopefully, reading, I’m sure parent and kids alike are ready to get back to school! (At least, I know I was always ready to get back to see old friends and make new friends!) Here are some books to everyone pumped up about the new school year!               

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

It's the last week of the Summer Reading program and here at the Clear Lake City - Freeman Branch, the storytimes went out with a bite! With the help of our toddlers and preschoolers, we sang, rhymed, talked, and read all about bugs! Now, I have to admit, bugs are not my most favorite creature... in fact, most bugs frighten me. However, the kids just love the creepy crawlies! Using the theme of bugs parents and caregivers can bring home so many fun activities to share with their own children. Here are a few ideas:

Summer Reading Program Ends August 8

The Summer Reading Program ends on Saturday, August 8 so this is your last week to register for and complete the program.  Earn your certificate by reading 10 books, 500 pages or 500 minutes.

Historical Fiction... Exciting!

I'm here to tell all of our wonderful children customers: Historical fiction is good! It's not boring! It's won't put you to sleep! Historical fiction is actually entertaining. The stories can be adventurous, funny, sad, personal, and fantastic. So, next time I recommend a book based around historical events, I hope I do not hear, "Yuck! Definitely not that!" Instead, I expect an enthusiastic, "Yes!

Picture Book Best Friends

I love the Mo Willem's Early Reader series about Elephant and Pig.  They are sweet stories about friendship.  Elephant and Pig are best friends though sometimes problems do arise like a broken toy or a misunderstanding.  This started me thinking about other best friends in picture books and there have been some great ones!



The Frog and Toad series by Arnold Lobel is a classic.  Each book about Frog and Toad contains several short tales about their adventures. 



2009 Winner of the Charlotte Zolotow Award

How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham won the 2009 Charlotte Zolotow Award. 

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