National Poetry Month

There was a time – many, many years ago, before radio and television – that people found entertainment through reading. Not just silently to themselves, but aloud, for everyone. And not just popular novels of the day. People were hungry for education as well as entertainment. They also read the newspaper – and poetry. Almost everyone remembers learning some poems in school, and many of us probably have favorites that we can recite. Poems that touched us in a way that made us want to remember that moment, so we learned them by heart. Poems that were, in fact, made to be read aloud.


Or, Much to Do While You Wait Upon a Live Performance

Happy Birthday Will

"I am proud of what I am. I am a librarian."

Libraries are such an integral part of our community, we often take them for granted. So once a year, we have National Library Week – this year April 11-17 – to allow us time to acknowledge their value. Libraries provide information and entertainment for millions of people everyday all over the world, whether on a college campus or a major city or a small town. And there are the librarians who help us find what we need.

Play Ball!

Many years ago, I got a job working as a circulation assistant at a library. My schedule on most days had me going to work at 11:00 a.m., taking an hour for “lunch” at 4:00 p.m., and then working the evening shift until the library closed at 8:00 p.m. Usually I got home about 8:30. I began this job in July, so when I got home, my mother was watching the Atlanta Braves game. I’d played softball as a kid, but it had been a while since those days and I wasn’t a big baseball fan. On the other hand, my mother was. (Where my parents were concerned, my mom, not my dad, was the bigger sports fan.) When I arrived home, I was beat. I’d been on my feet most of the day. But I wasn’t necessarily sleepy, so I’d sit with Mama for a while and watch the game.

Confessions of a Nora Roberts Movie Addict

I have a confession: I love Lifetime movies based on Nora Roberts' novels. I can practically hear you all groaning, but I just can’t help it. They are so wonderfully ridiculous! Watching one is a little bit like watching a train wreck – you know you shouldn’t watch, but you just can’t seem to look away.

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m especially fond of this holiday because I do have more than a little Irish blood, something that an inordinate number of people in the U.S. can claim. In fact, it seems that, on March 17, everyone claims to be Irish. Why else would they be chugging all the green beer?

In choosing these movies, I decided to concentrate on the romantic image that we have of Ireland and why we have fun celebrating every St. Paddy’s Day.

50 Best Movies of 2009

With the Academy Awards just behind us, perhaps it's time to review and queue praised films of 2009. Not sure what movies were released in 2009? Moviefone released the 50 Best Movies of 2009 this past December. Not all movies listed are available on DVD yet, but here are a few personal favorites: 

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

I recently watched the movie Coco Avant Chanel featuring Audrey Tautou as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. In the past I have read a few biographies on Coco Chanel and was surprised by her many quirks. One that particularly stands out in my mind is that she often fabricated her life story in a way that gave her the power to leave out the parts that just didn’t quite fit into the vision she wanted for herself. One has to admire that she was a woman that came from nothing and carved out her own successful path in life, not to mention her genius sense of fashion.

Happy Birthday, William H. Macy!

william h. macyWilliam H. Macy has a birthday coming up this week and it got me thinking of how many movies he has been in over the years that I really enjoyed. Ever since first seeing him in the Coen brothers’ Fargo, I’ve been impressed by his talent and his sometimes unusual choices.

Mer’s Happy B-day William H.

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