Mad Men @ the Emmy Awards

I felt a little torn when I saw this year's Emmy nominations.  My husband and I have just recently become obsessed with the AMC series Mad Men about early 1960s advertising executives in NYC.  Mad Men has been nominated for several awards, including "Outstanding Drama Series" and "Outstanding Lead Male Actor in a Drama Series."  But House and Hugh Laurie, respectively, have both been nominated in the same categories!  Whose a girl to root for!?!

Based on the Book

So I've put myself on the request list for The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger in anticipation of the movie (coming to a theater near you on August 14th).  I'm the sort of person who likes to read the book before seeing the movie.

Cool Librarians on Screen: a Top Ten List

librarianYou'll find no hysterical spinsters (see It's a Wonderful Life) or scary shushers (see Ghostbusters) on this list.  These librarians of the big and small screens are much more like the real thing.  We like to think so, anyway.


Saw Inkheart last night and really enjoyed it. It's based on a children's book by Cornelia Funke and tells the story of a "silvertongue" who brings books to life when he reads out loud. This means unicorns, flying monkeys, and other fictional creations come into our world. Unfortunately, this means the villians come too, and this leads to all kinds of complications.

Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films

The movies on this list are an assortment of classic and contemporary, foreign and domestic, films with varying thematic references. The Arts & Faith website originally developed this list in 2004 and it is updated annually.  Titles were selected with a combination of anonymous voting, open debate, and expert jury selection. The list is copyright Arts & Faith, all rights reserved, used by permission.

Top 100 Animated Features of All Time

Top 100 Animated Features of All Time were selected by 138 film critics of the Online Film Critics Society.

All Time 100 Best Films - Time Magazine

Time Magazine critics Richard Corliss & Richard Schickel select the 100 best films of all time.  The list is unranked and presented alphabetically.

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture

The NAACP Image Awards honor outstanding works in the literature and entertainment fields.



Leonard Maltin's Must-See Films of the 20th Century

Maltin's Must See Films of the 20th Century were listed in Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide for 2000.

Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time

The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time were published in 1999 in response to the AFI list.  This list includes foreign films.

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