Astro Boy & the Godfather of Manga

Did you know that the 2009 animated film Astro Boy was originally a comic book series? The popular story about a young boy with atomic powers was first released in comic book form in 1952 as Tetsuwan Atomu, literally meaning "Atom with Iron Arms," in Japan. It was then created into a cartoon series (Japan's 1st animated TV series) and broadcast in 1963 in the United States as Astro Boy.

Something Creepy?

With Halloween around the corner and with the weather getting a little cooler, I’ve been in the mood for some creepy, suspenseful, or frightening stories – you know, something I can read with a flashlight while huddled under the covers.

New York Times' Bestsellers in Manga

The bestsellers list of graphic novels comes from The New York Times. Listed below are highlights from the month of October.

Can You Conquer NaNoWriMo?

Calling all teen writers! Do you want to write a novel but can't get started? Need some motivation? Sign ups have begun for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) which kicks off on November 1st. How does it work and how can the library help? Read on.

New York Times' Bestsellers in Graphic Novels

The bestsellers list of graphic novels comes from The New York Times. Listed below are highlights listed from the source and include new releases and older paperback editions.

Conventional Wisdom: Teens @ Anime Conventions

 I have a confession to make. I am a fangirl. I love everything about fandom but one of my favorite things is conventions. I have been to science fiction, fantasy, anime, comic book and cult tv conventions. Conventions are great places to find the latest in anime and manga, not to mention t-shirts, plushies, action figures, and anything else you can imagine. Interested? In Houston, you  have two chances to get your fan on either this Halloween at Oni-Con or this Easter at Anime Matsuri. Here are some tips, and books, to make your con going experience fun and stress-free.

2009 Top 10 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

This week's blog post comes from the American Library Association's annual booklists. Every year, their Young Adult Library Services Association compiles a number of awesome lists full of suggested reads with a variety of themes.

2009 Top 10 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

"You're a Jerk!"

After the summer release of the New Boyz “You’re a Jerk,” I had kind of shaken the song from my head. But once their album Skinny Jeanz and a Mic was released last month, “You’re a Jerk” returned with a vengeance. I started thinking: there are several funny books where main characters start down a path that left me asking “what are you doing, ya jerk?” They’re the guys and gals you love to hate or the people who always seem to dig themselves deeper into a hole of their own making. They’ve got a style all their own, even if it is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.   

Are You Ready To Go?: Learn an Ancient Game @ Your Library

Bored with board games? Conquered all the levels of the latest video game sensation? Are you looking for a new gaming challenge? Check out Go, a game that takes a few minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.

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