Art in Fiction

bass guitar by jadeashleyBeing creative and having a way to express ourselves is an important part of life for many of us.  Some may make music, others may work in the visual arts, and others may be performers of different varieties.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been interested in music and the arts for some time, or if it’s because most of the people I hung out with in high school were band geeks, drama nerds, and arty folk, but I enjoy reading a great book that features the arts in some form.  What arty reads do you recommend? 

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While You’re Waiting for This, Check Out One of These…

graceling trilogyAre you a fan of Kristin Cashore’s Seven Kingdoms Trilogy?  Whether you’re waiting for Bitterblue or you’ve read the entire series and are looking for another great read, consider checking out one of these.  What do you recommend?

FREE Audiobooks!

I don't know about you, but during the summer I always seem to be going somewhere.  Either on a road trip to visit family and friends, or just to the park to enjoy some sunshine, and I always load up my iPod with audio books to take with me on these summer adventures.

Each week this summer, the awesome people at SYNC are giving away two free, downloadable audio books.  There will be a classic and a contemporary title each week, and they're giving away some really great books.  The books for week 1 are The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch and The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  Get yours here!


Adult Books for Teen Readers

Book Worm Bot by Jenn and Tony BotHave you registered for the Summer Reading Program?  If not, register today!  With the Summer Reading Program well underway, more and more readers are coming to the library or searching the digital media catalog on the hunt for their next great read.  Some teens start reading “adult” books and pretty much stick to them (I was one of those) and others have a foot firmly planted in both the teen and adult collections.  This week I thought I’d recommend some titles published for adult audiences, but which may appeal to some teen readers.   What do you suggest?

While You’re Waiting for This, Check Out One of These…

fire by matthewvennAre you anxiously waiting to get your hands on Divergent or, its sequel, Insurgent by Veronica Roth?  Have you read both and are now looking around for something else to read?  You might consider checking out one of these titles listed below.  What do you recommend?

Summer Reads

Watermelon by persocomholicAlthough summer doesn’t technically begin until we’re firmly in the month of June, it certainly already feels like summer here in Texas.  With high temperatures and the end of school well within sight, this is the time of year when summer plans are being finalized, trips to the beach are being planned, and sleeping in late is being highly anticipated.  Below I’ve listed some books that at some point take place in the summer months or are just great summer reads.  What do you recommend?

The Avengers' Reading List

Have you ever wondered what your favorite superhero would read in his or her spare time?  The people over at YALSA did and they put together a list.  Check it out below.  How do you think they did?  Can you think of other books that these, or any other superhero, might read?



While You’re Waiting for This, Check Out One of These…

Are you a Rick Riordan fan?  Do you just love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, follow the Heroes of Olympus series or are you on a request list for The Son of Neptune or The Serpent’s Shadow?  Consider checking out one of these titles while you wait.  What reads do you recommend

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