Aloha Summer!

As a part of our "Aloha Summer" week here at Stratford Library, we invite all toddlers to come make their own leis at storytime this week, which is at 10 am.  "Aloha" means both hello and goodbye, by the way, so be sure to come say aloha to us this week (and wear your Hawaiian shirts!).

So, as we bid summer goodbye, we encourage you to keep reading and to log any books you may have already read. The summer reading program officially ends this Saturday, but you will be able to log through next week.

Tuesday morning at 10am, we will be visited by the Mobile Dairy Farm.  Mooo!  Then on Thursday, we will host Jungle Jim at 2pm. Bugs! Be sure not to miss either of these!

See you soon~  Aloha!


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