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Friday, November 16th at 5 PM - Anime Club Classic – Full Metal Panic! (TV-14) [13+]



“Sousuke Sagara, a member of a covert anti-terrorist private military organization known as Mithril, tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a spirited Japanese high school girl.” –

There have been so many good shows released in anime throughout the years. These are anime that have passed the test of time, and captured fan boy/girl hearts over the years.

On November 16th at 5 PM, we’ll be finding out more about the secret counter-terrorist group Mithril and the importance of blending in during high school. 

Anime Club – Introduction to the Classics May 26th @ 5 PM [13+]

From crude cartoons of the 1920s to the ninth season of Naruto (2002), we will be covering the classic anime that is available through

Learn about some of the first manga to anime adaptions like the 1967 Princess Knight.

Hear the crunch of metal from 1990s Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995).

Find out more about mega series like the 700 episode and going One Piece (1999).

All these and more will be talked about on May 26th at 5 PM in the Library Community Room at the Parker Williams Branch.

For more books about Anime (Click Here): 

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