auto repair

Are you having minor car trouble? There's a database for that.


The other day I noticed a problem, a somewhat significant problem, I was down to one functioning headlight in my car. "It must've happened recently" I thought, my car was inspected a month ago and it passed, yet here it was, unsafe to drive at night.

Changing headlight bulbs has got to be as easy as changing a light in a ceiling fan right? Depends on your ability, mine being at the lower end of the auto repair spectrum. Luckily, I had an assistant, I consulted the Chilton Library, which is accessible through Harris County Library Systems database section on the website before undertaking any steps. 

Be Your Own Mechanic

MechanicIf your car needs some kind of maintenance or repair and you would really like to do it yourself (for the satisfaction or to save a lot of money), but you don’t quite have the confidence to tackle the job, take a look at our Chilton ONLINE Auto Repair Manuals. There is a very good chance that they will have the information you need. Just put the year, make, and model into the “Vehicle Selector,” select “Repair” or “Maintenance,” and choose what you would like to work on from the lists. There are even VIDEOS of how to do some of the repairs!!

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