Eats & Treats Baking Program

The teens had a blast at our Goofy Games Day! Come next Monday at 3pm for our Eats & Treats Baking program where we will be baking Apple Hand Pies. All teens 10-18 are welcome!

Eats & Treats

Yellow Layer CakeJoin us for Teen Time today at 4:00 PM as we bake a delicious Yellow Layer Cake!  All teens are welcome to attend.

Yellow Layer Cake image courtesy Flickr user Kimberly Vardeman

Homemade Goodies

I used to buy popcorn in microwave bags. One day, I became nostalgic and bought kernels for stove popping instead. That's how I learned I like homemade popcorn better. It tasted better. I could add my own ingredients. And it was cheaper.

I started wondering what other foods are easy to make and less costly than their ready-made counterparts. I quickly learned that peanut butter can be made in only ten minutes with only three ingredients. And, again, it was tastier and cheaper than its store-bought equivalent. I wanted to find even more items I could make, so I searched for a few books at the library and came up with three good guides.

National Bake & Decorate Month

Every October, food crafting company Wilton Enterprises celebrates National Bake and Decorate Month. This holiday acknowledges the art of baking and decorating. With Halloween just around the corner (not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas!), now is the time to take advantage of all those neat seasonal ingredients and work some magic in the kitchen.

Do you have any dietary sensitivities or restrictions? You can try alternative baking methods!

Here are some baking and decorating books that we have checked in at the Fairbanks Library:

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