Boy Scouts

Free Child Safe Kits

Child Safe KitChild Safe Kits will be made in the lobby of the Barbara Bush Branch Library on Saturdays, May 10th and May 17th from 11 am till 2 pm. Spencer Jensen from Boy Scout Troop 6 will be working on this project to earn his Eagle Scout Badge. The kits are free and include basic data for each child, their fingerprints and their photo. You take the kit home with you, so everything stays private.

James Gives a Tour for the Boy Scouts Books and Reading Merit Badge

This morning our Assistant Branch Librarian, James Meadows, gave a library tour to a local Boy Scouts Troop so they could earn the Books and Reading Merit Badge. Did you know the library carries the Merit Badge Books. Check out this link for the Books and Reading Badge Pamplet. You can order this guide and many others and have them brought directly to your library. 

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