Brown Bear

Parker Williams Celebrates Bill Martin, Jr.

Recent news on the education front has reminded me of some of my favorite books by author Bill Martin, Jr. After all, who could hate an author who writes about such dangerous topics as purple cats, blue horses and rhyming letters? 

What I did not know, until yesterday, was that Martin had worked as a school principal and as editor-in-chief of the school division of Holt, Rinehart and Winston. He also managed to write more than 300 children's books, as well as conducting educator workshops that trained more than 50,000 teachers throughout the United States. Because I am so impressed that an author could write so many great books, I have decided to feature a few of those books in some of my Toddler Times this spring. (Yes, I know it's technically not spring until March 20, but for a Hoosier transplanted to Texas it sure feels like spring already.)

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