Cinderella in Spain

Cinderella in Spain

Just a reminder to everyone that Houston Grand Opera's Opera to Go! FREE production of "Cinderella in Spain" will be this Friday at 3:30 pm at the Bear Creek Community Center at 3055 Bear Creek Drive, Houston, TX 77084. No tickets or pre-registration is necessary. Please contact the library's children's department if you have any questions.

Cinderella in Spain!

Glass Slipper

Opera to Go presents "Cinderella in Spain" today at 3:00pm in the Community Center Forum across the driveway from the Barbara Bush Library. This family-oriented program will be fun for all ages. Glass slippers, pumpkins and magical transformations ... don't miss the allergy-prone fairy godmother and an unusual pair of evil stepsisters!

Spring Break Activities

Hope you didn't sit home feeling bored!  We had a good time with the following fun, free activities:

Animated PG film, recent release, Tuesday, March 16, 10 am

Opera To Go, "Cinderella in Spain", Wednesday, March 17, 2:30 pm, for elementary and middle school children.


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